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Jessica William

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A few uncomfortable things you have to get comfortable with to go to the next level - Accepting criticism - Asking “dumb” questions - Paying for ads/promotions - Paying for information - Not panic selling assests - Your stocks being in the red - Going back to the basics

Cervical MRI findings and their association with symptoms- 20 year longitudinal study🔎🚨ONLY foraminal stenosis was associated with clinical symptoms "We propose that these changes be labelled age-related changes rather than degenerative, which implies pathology" 👇👇👇

“Chronic inflammation plays a role in many serious diseases. The good news is that the biggest causes of chronic inflammation are largely avoidable, preventable, or addressable: smoking, obesity, overconsumption of certain foods (red meat), and surprise- physical inactivity”

If you’re hustling just to get by you gonna be hustling forever The quicker you build your buffer the quicker you escape the rat race No one can steal your time No one can cancel or control you No one is in control of your destiny but you

Just got into conversation with the guy painting my kitchen He was a quadriplegic in 2018- told he would never walk again Refused to believe it, grew his faith in God, and no longer suffers any ailments Man- I’ve been seeing God everywhere lately 🙏🏻

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS “We are primary care providers PERIOD. We are not MEDICAL primary care providers and I don’t want to do that because that’s a FAILED system. We are NOT healthier this decade than we were last decade. We’re WORSE." ⁦-

Pt: So should I use ice or heat? Me: Which feels best? Pt: Well isn’t one bad? Me: Depends on what research you want to look at 🙃 Pt: 🤨 Me: Do what feels best for YOU. Me: Now let’s talk about getting that thing moving.

“...long-term use of MANUAL THERAPY is an example of mismanagement of resources. At best, early pain modulation consisting of 2 to 4 visits is all that most individuals would need to PROGRESS to treatment that is more ACTIVE." - WELL SAID 💪

If you can treat 32 appts a week (with a fair mixture of cash, private insurance and Medicare) you can clear 90K/year working 4 days a week with 4 weeks of vacation a year. You don’t need an MBA to run your own practice, you just need to ask for some help & jump.

Do you know how to manage Congestive Heart Failure ()? Can you identify an exacerbation? Why is the most common diagnosis to readmit to the hospital? Here’s my perspective as a PT -

Do you know how to manage COPD? Do you understand exacerbations? Why do people w/ COPD go to the hospital? What should I look out for? Here's my perspective as a PT...

Improvements in self-reported pain, perceived physical function & gait function postoperatively; yet patients were more sedentary, slept worse, and performed less physical activity at 2 years compared with preoperative levels.

Physically active adults ≥60 years-> lower risk of mortality, cancer, fractures, recurrent falls, ADL disability, functional limitation, cognitive decline, +depression & experience healthier aging trajectories, better QoL, +improved cognitive functioning.

RELAXATION & POSTURAL exercise seemed to be INEFFECTIVE in ⬇️ pain intensity, ... trunk, pelvic or leg STRETCHING ⬇️ pain intensity. YOGA improved functional limitation. SUPERVISED TRAINING was the MOST EFFECTIVE method to improve pain intensity.

"Motor control exercises lead to statistically greater pain and disability reductions when compared to strengthening the short term. ... might be clinically important only in conditions that do not involve OA."

I'd rather drive around in my beat up Toyota and look poor Than to drive around in a brand new Z71 pickup and actually be poor

And it’s a SHAME when people try to take credit for it. Or worse - let “medical professionals” put them through CRAZY surgeries to fix simple stuff. Evaluated a patient the other day that had a fused spine C2-S1. One fusion let to the next. Not needed. What a NIGHTMARE! 😭