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: check out the FIRST AD of our campaign to ! I'm a regular working guy. I know what it's like to worry about the bills, to get laid off. And I'm fed up with career politicians taking our money and selling us out. Watch, RT and donate to spread the word!

An anti-corruption crusader and our best chance to flip a seat in 2021. Follow !

5,327 now. Would you get away with that at your job? (Also: follow to keep track of the count.)

Jim Jordan took Big Pharma money and protected high drug prices. He took Wall Street money and let the Big Banks run wild. He took billionaire money, cut their taxes and tried to slash Social Security to pay for it. Jordan doesn't work for Ohio. He works for his big donors.

If you won't put country before party, you don't belong in public office. Jim Jordan never will. I'm a proud U.S. Army veteran and a regular working guy. I want to serve this nation again, and I'm asking for your help. Please chip in and join our team.

Jim Jordan is scared. And he should be. He is responsible for January 6th. And we're going to hold him accountable for his treason.

Congrats to and on their victories tonight. Now on to the general! Let's go!

A proud anti-corruption crusader who will fight for working folks. is our best chance to flip a seat blue in 2021. Please join me in supporting her! Follow, RT, volunteer, chip in.

This would not have happened without the leadership of . She stepped up. Because she knows exactly what it's like to worry about not having a roof over your family's heads. Having folks in office who know what working families are up against makes a difference.

Jim Jordan blew up the national debt cutting taxes for billionaires. And claims we can't afford safe bridges, clean water, and rural broadband. (Because he works for them, not us.)

To Charlotte Bennett, Lindsey Boylan, Karen Hinton, Virginia Limmiatis, Ana Liss, Alyssa McGrath, Anna Ruch and too many more: this should not have happened. You should have been believed. And thank you for your bravery in fighting back.

The investigation is over, and the answer is sickeningly clear: Governor Cuomo must resign or be impeached immediately. No politician is above the law, and the women he sexually harassed deserve the justice they have been calling for.

He's calling it "HR4" because he knows how ridiculous it sounds to say this about "restoring the Voting Rights Act." Let's be clear. The VRA was crucial to securing the right to vote for people of color. And it still is. Why doesn't Jim Jordan want that?

Hey! A *real* problem with election integrity! Solidarity w/. Workers should be able to organize without blatant cheating by their employers.

I learned my values from my father and the U.S. Army: pride, integrity, and guts. I don't see those values in DC. And I don't see them from Jim Jordan. Join our team and help me beat him. ✅Follow ✅Volunteer @ ✅Donate below

Something I learned while I was a military policeman: When Jim Jordan claims he can't remember his call with Trump on January 6th, the way he keeps looking up and to the right? Signals he's lying.

"Do What They Told Me To: Fighting For The Swamp"

Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh () isn't buying any of Jim's nonsense: "Jim Jordan knows exactly when he spoke to Donald Trump on January 6th, and he knows exactly what Donald Trump said to him." If we want the truth, we must .

I'm a regular working guy. I worry about the same things as all working parents. You may not always agree with me. But you'll always know I'm working for families like yours and mine.