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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Tweets delete every 90 days. I write poetry. It's good (link in bio.) Suga/Agust D is my ultimate bias. Current loves are dancing, Hospital Playlist and K-Pop. Also cats. Always cats. Have some Suga

My soft boys being soft.

Please don’t attach items to cemetery furniture. A cemetery is a deeply inappropriate place for political protest*, and metal hoops will damage our new benches. *the suffragette colours have recently been co-opted by anti-trans protesters as a dog-whistle for anti-trans views. – at Dalry Cemetery

Is it too late to 1. acquire a pen name 2. ask that all (online) publications with my name revert to my pen name? 3. delete anything associating my writing with my real name?

has many positives! But it also has downsides. It's not a superpower but it's not all negative either. Humans are more complex than just that, there's whole galaxies inside of each of us :)

At we’re trying to organise a ‘know your worker rights’ session for young people and struggling to find a union that’s up for leading it. Any help signposting me to someone/a union etc that might be interested is very appreciated 🙌

There is every indication that the “new normal” will still not be accessible to disabled people.

Civil unrest soon come you know... the government can't keep systematically targeting young ppl (who are already struggling) like this without it reaching a breaking point

i can't remember the last time i was this excited about a show

South Korea: Where a man can ejaculate onto a woman's personal things and not be charged as a sex crime. Our long read on "semen terrorism" and "terrorists", featuring survivor accounts and 's insight. TW: sexual abuse w

Conversation buddy on Tandem has restored my faith in people which is nice. They are probably a catfish or something but they believe in people which has reminded me that I do too (usually)

Because I have had this thread long enough that the Agust D on it has self-destructed the song of the day today is Agust D with Agust D because I need some of this energy today. Agust D 'Agust D' MV

Week of positives in politics: 🇩🇪German victory for centre-left parties & first Trans members of Parliament elected. 🇨🇭Swiss vote for equal marriage. 🇹🇼Taiwan courts allow Trans people to be recognised without surgery. 🇸🇲San Marino vote for legalised & safe abortion.

Accidentally almost getting it in the most roundabout of ways.

I have good news for all of you who like bridgerton and think "hey wow romance novels are cool!" the books are 20 years old. romance novels are SO much better than bridgerton now. try: tessa dare, courtney milan, alyssa cole, kit rocha, olivia waite

I started following this kid on TikTok during the first act of the pandemic and he’s a LEGEND. Don’t get him started on otters! (They are nasty little freaks!)

People who don't do social media have no idea what content they're missing 😂

Is this the greatest cover version ever made? P.S. I was terrified of this video as a kid.

[food] Do you want to attend a workshop run by me and all about the power of food (metaphor) in poetry? How about two linked workshops? Well, you are in luck! Find more details here

Come to my workshop!! And I might share some idea about aubergine emoji recipes, changing the world and the very obvious sexual potential of food poetry...