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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Abbot is a bio terrorists

Greg Abbott and the political hacks he surrounds himself with don’t want you to see our newest ad. They’re getting nervous.

BREAKING: The legal architect of Texas’ abortion ban writes in a Supreme Court brief that if women want to “control” their “reproductive lives,” they can simply “refrain from sexual intercourse,” and that women “choose” unprotected sex because of legal abortion. RT TO EXPOSE HIM!

To the people who are following me helping rebuild my account, THANK YOU! To the people who don’t understand twitters following policy and think I’m all about myself? I defer you to the people who know me from my first account! I will eventually follow back!

Who are they Philly?

Donald Trump is America’s biggest fuck up.

Climate change & a stronger America (please take a few seconds to sign the petition)

Tell me again how much support TFG and the GQP have. They couldn’t even find 200 people to show up at the rally in DC. About the same size crowd that saw him off when he left the White House. The line this morning was longer.

Excellent! Great work!!

Virtually all of the COVID deaths and hospitalizations are from unvaccinated people. Get your shot.

Please take 30 sec to sign this petition

Maybe jessica should be deported

The only thing worse than Mike Lindell’s pillows is Mike Lindell.

Why is this in the Google play store?

UPDATE: They found the subway kicker

: professional moron Sarah Palin isn't vaccinated. in other news, water is extremely fucking wet