Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

If you’re wondering how I wasn’t on the top 100 streamers list it was definitely because the Twitch extension wasn’t working, absolutely no other reason. Any Gifters?

Should replace Elon with , then it would be perfect

The Multimach has a Long Lost Twin (it's really good) 📺: ⬇️PREVIEW

The Most UNDERRATED Gun (Why is nobody using this?) FULL📺: PREVIEW⬇️

It’s almost 7AM, no stream tomorrow/today. Insomnia woo!

Contingency Plan.

Contingency Plan man floats off map

Also; I don't wanna be pessimistic but I find it virtually impossible to take that franchise to greater heights than Christopher Nolan did. (I might be biased, he's my favourite director) 🤭

Watching The Batman trailer made me sad about Heath Ledger all over again 😔

Trials carries with

me every time comes back for a week just to disappear again 😔

Special ammo changes are good overall and I think they're healthy for the game, especially knowing I can't get spammed by 16 grenade launcher shots in a round. However sometimes I really do miss having 3+ sniper shots, especially on a map like Bannerfall. 😓

Trials with at launch Comp with and until then c:

Opening Shot refreshes every 3.5 seconds, it’s only useful for your first shot which is usually the easiest to hit as flinch and strafing aren’t factors yet. EOTS procs during gunfights, provides a bigger accuracy bonus and the effects increase the lower your HP gets.

Opening Shot is so overrated on primaries, Eye of the Storm is simply better ☕️

If my radar is gone and spiders are on my screen in trials tomorrow im gunna xqc foot slam