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Jessica William

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is a true upmost respect for her and

If your Justice system doesn’t start holing these ppl and trump accountable soon I don’t want to hear any whining about your country getting McCarthy as speaker of the house in 2022. It’s all happening under your very noses and no one sees it except those of us outside the US.

Did they ever find out who disabled the alarms in congressional offices, i.e., Ayanna Pressley's office?

Who was she tweeting that out to? The ppl she gave a tour to on days previous maybe?

That was a powerful movie with Jodie Foster.

Trumeprs think George Clooney's photo can't reach 100 like and retweet!!!

As a Registered Nurse, I do not want to deal with a science denier anywhere, anytime so let's just call it Fall house cleaning for our whole life.

If you don't have a round scar on your upper arm from a smallpox vaccination that's because generations before you trusted science and were vaccinated. Everybody to protect everybody. No one whined about it.

Life is pretty much back to normal here in Norway. And we have no mask mandates, no vaccine mandate, no mandated social distancing. It’s amazing how much freedom you get when you just listen to and follow the science 🤷🏼‍♀️

Every workplace should be protecting its staff and making vaccinations mandatory.

Canadian Blood Services eases restrictions for some gay men in Alta., Ont.

BREAKING — President Biden has CANCELED the remaining contracts for Trump’s border wall. RT IF YOU ARE GLAD!

“Who is wise? He that learns from everyone.” - Benjamin Franklin

COVID has more reproductive rights than women in Texas.

You’re free to not get vaccinated. The private company that employs you is free to require you get vaccinated. The restaurant you eat at is free to require proof of vaccination. You’re free to eat elsewhere. You’re free to protest. People not understanding freedom these days.

Here’s the deal: We stop saying history will judge them. We judge them now. With judges.

When Congress refers Bannon for criminal contempt charges they should refer Trump for being a co-conspirator to Bannon’s criminal contempt, as Trump told Bannon not to comply w/the subpoena w/NO LEGAL BASIS! This is conspiracy & obstruction of Congress.