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Jessica William

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There's no reason why billionaires should pay a lower tax rate than a schoolteacher or firefighter. means building our economy from the bottom up and the middle out.

Happy Birthday Madam, ! You continue to inspire the nation by breaking barriers and lifting up women as you rise!⚡️ Cheers to you on your special day!

When thinks about climate change, he thinks about jobs. He thinks about working-class cities, like Scranton, who will be at the forefront of a $23T global clean energy economy.    The Agenda belongs to working people in this country.

Nearly $40M for 40 projects + 2 requests for information + 1 notice of intent = 1 giant leap for solar energy and our pathway to a zero-carbon grid! Learn about the projects and other efforts that will advance solar, storage & industrial technology: ⬇️🧵

A united front in is the energy powerhouse we need to boost economic opportunity in the state while supporting our mission for a clean energy future in every pocket of our nation.

Minnesotans are playing a key part in the transition to a economy and we're advancing this progress by building out and deploying clean energy infrastructure so we can get as much power online as possible this winter.

Research to develop stronger and longer-lasting solar panels is critical to addressing the . The 40 projects announced today, led by universities & private industries, is an investment in innovations to increase solar capacity & enhance our grid resilience.⚡️

Nuclear science is an incredible asset to our nation. It delivers more than half of our nation’s CLEAN energy, creates jobs, and expands space exploration! Join me in celebrating .⚡️

General Colin Powell was the embodiment of integrity, courage, and leadership. He paved the way for others to serve in places where they too often didn’t see themselves in the ranks. As said, he will be remembered as one of our great Americans.

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. We have a huge opportunity to lead the transition to a economy by investing in innovation and lifting up underrepresented communities. Together, we can strengthen our energy infrastructure to fight climate change.

You can take out of Michigan but you can’t take Michigan out of . She sported an awesome auto seat belt buckle today as she, and talked clean energy and in Minnesota.

.'s spot on. States like are showing us what we can and must do at the federal level to create good-paying union jobs & win the $23T global clean energy market. With ' Agenda, we can get it done 🇺🇸 Keep going, NV! 

In case you missed it! National Hydrogen Day might have passed but you can still check out 's Clean Hydrogen explainer video👇

Climate change is an existential threat. Yesterday I joined and and MN leaders in St. Paul to discuss the immediate action needed to reduce emissions.

Our infrastructure has fallen from the best in the world to 13th. But just as importantly, America ranks 35th out of 37 major economies when it comes to investing in early childhood education and care. We cannot be competitive in the 21st century if we continue to slide.

When thinks about climate change, he thinks about jobs. It’s time to give the American people the tools to build our infrastructure and economy back stronger and more resilient than ever before. That’s what will do 🇺🇸

Exciting to see 's incredible work in Minnesota — managing one of the world’s largest energy markets! Extreme weather is a threat to our energy infrastructure. Agenda will invest in making our grid more resilient.

Thanks to & for hosting a convo on Minnesota’s historic opportunity to lead the clean energy economy. MN's already a clean energy leader & Agenda will lead us into the future by investing in workers & communities.