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We are going to beat this pandemic – together. All it takes is wearing your mask & getting vaccinated when you are eligible.

Sound, civic education is key to the active participation of our democracy.

There is broad public support for universal masking in schools. Let’s do what we know works and will protect students and educators.

Tonight, I will be on to discuss the excitement around back-to-school efforts. Tune in at 8PM ET.

5 states in 5 days with the goal of seeing how reopening is going in rural America. It’s going to be exciting and I can’t wait to get on the road.

This is about protecting our students. Get vaccinated.

It feels good to have a President who has the backs of educators, students, and parents. Thank you .

I’m just as excited as students are about getting back into the classroom. Classroom conversations, lunch with friends, and extracurriculars with your teammates – that’s what this bus tour is all about – being

En el primer día del Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana, , , y conversaron en sobre la importancia del liderazgo latino en políticas clave de la administración.

A5: The best examples I’ve seen are the districts across the country that have let science lead them in protecting students.

A2: Welcome to everyone joining us for the Chat! We know following guidance from works. Getting vaccinated & following mitigation strategies is key to keeping everyone safe.

Con alegría les anuncio que @ USEdGov ha creado el Equipo PRES (Sostenibilidad de la Educación en Puerto Rico) que brindará apoyo al Departamento de Educación de PR con propósito de fortalecer el rendimiento académico de los cientos de miles de estudiantes de PR.

“We know Latinos are a growing population. We want to make sure some of the disparities that existed in educational outcomes can be faced boldly..." U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona joins to weigh in on the initiatives announced by the White House.

I’m kicking off at the with , , , and . Tune in to hear us discuss the important work & are doing for the Latino community.

Thank you for your work to make sure our children can go to school safely.

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Next week, I am hitting the road to talk with students across the country about our safe return to school, the excitement around being back in the classroom, and how we can reimagine education for everyone.

TONIGHT AT 8 PM ET! Join our ED Fellows for a Twitter chat on ways to keep school communities safe during the pandemic. Follow our live Q&A at and with .

I am proud to be Latino. Embrace that “Latino-ness” and let it be your superpower. Our dreams, voices, stories, efforts, and successes matter more than ever.

From the classroom to the White House, Secretary of Education reflects on his career and his family's journey from Puerto Rico to Connecticut.✨ Throughout we'll be sharing stories of biologists, software engineers, artists, & more. Stay tuned!

Next week, we are hitting the road to meet students and educators who are back in the classroom. Follow our accounts to tag along on our Return to School Road Trip!