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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Does Mike Lindell not have a care giver? A minder? A Dutch uncle?

Yesterday was a loooooong day 😴

Early day! Off to open up for voting voting today. ☮️💙

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Good Morning all. ☕️

Let me get this straight. We have the House, the Senate*, The White House, and Merrick Garland, and not one single seditionist, alleged sex trafficker / pedophile, or insider trader has even lost their job yet. WTF! But…..Al Franken

Can someone please make this a font? Hmm what could we call it?

Remind me — which one of them ignored the sexual assaults of student athletes?

Every one of them more than you.

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Who ever gets TFG convicted will deserve a federal holiday. 🎇🎉🎆

Are we on 5th Avenue yet, with a smoking gun???


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