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Going to tweet and pin this for the record: My account can be a bit NSFW at times. Just letting anyone know ahead of time who may raise a Spockian eyebrow.

Laz Diaz is now up to 23 missed ball-strike calls tonight. Worth noting: 12 of them were on pitches thrown by Red Sox pitchers, 11 were on pitches thrown by Astros pitchers. But the one everyone -- at least everyone in Boston -- is going to remember is the Nathan Eovaldi curve.

Well that game got away from the Sawx. It's crazy how the Astros pitching rotation is barely put together with scotch tape and wire but they're going to be tied 2-2 in the series.

The Glazer family needs to embrace the past and go back to this. It's slightly modified from the original still, it's GORGEOUS!

Well folks I was a bit Twitter crazy yesterday so i'll cool off on that today. I'll see you tomorrow. There may be two more movie reviews from me tomorrow as well.

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Welp I got a small glass of whiskey...Good night for real now

Welp, gonna drown my sorrows and go to bed. SIIIIIGH

This is a resilient group. I expect the Bills to come out of the bye with fierce competitive fire. I feel sorry for the Dolphins.

Again, why wasn't this reviewed? I mean it was close enough to warrant it IMO.

I have one beef...Why didn't the refs look at the 3rd down run by Allen? That should've warranted a review. Anyways, I tip my hat to the Titans they played a whale of a game. Bills, can we burn the blue pants?

Oh my Jesus! Okay, I'm not mad but the conventional wisdom is to go for the FG there. UGH....

Major onions here,

OMG this game is giving me palpitations!

No matter how this one ends it's been one helluva game. I gotta say, every time I see Derrick Henry i'm just AMAZED at his power and raw talent.

I got to say this, I grew up with the K-Gun and that was an exciting offense in its time but when the Bills offense of today is cooking they get me off my feet instantly!