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Hi I’m Thailand fan base for

🎙Hello, A'TIN & Alagad ni Josue! The talented will be joining us tomorrow @ 10PM on . 🔗 - 1 lucky fan will get a chance to speak with him - Forte concert tickets GA - All winners will be chosen LIVE on air

⭐️It's a tight race for the ! Day 4 vote update: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Vote 1x daily on the website + 4x daily on our Radio App here:

Catch Pinuno as he talks about the making of SB19's latest EP "Pagsibol" this September 28, only on Episode1! GMA's latest podcast show will be hosted by ❤️

Did you enjoy our first episode of A'ting Kwento about "The One"? Na-enjoy mo man o hindi, tuloy pa din ang kwentuhan natin this week 🤣. For this week. Let's talk about being BRAVE. See you tomorrow when you wake up and the sun should appear 🤣Sat: 8am -12pm PHT

🎉 Thank you for 1 million streams on Spotify, A’TIN! 🌿 Stream here: 💿

Thank you We're excited for that 'Special Radio Show' exclusively for SB19's music only. Congratulations 🎉🥳 Thank you to all who voted tirelessly, give yourself a self hug, we did it Fam 🤟🤗

It's time for another round of P-pop meets K-pop music playlist for . So, go get your headphones and vibe with us, as we celebrate the culture of two countries through these songs. 🔗

⚠️Nominate SB19 in the CICP Spotlight Awards 2021: Guidelines👇 >How to nominate: 1. Click the link to the form. 🔗 2. Input your email address and fullname. 3. In the following categories, "copy & paste the following in the corresponding category" ⬇️⬇️

I hope we start the change with our local radio stations and make them CHAMPION OPM! Just saw a list of most-played OPM songs today and it’s all old OPM bar 1! They need to showcase our new music as they have the most reach across the Philippines.

An expert from the National Research Council of the Philippines says lack of support is the weakest point in the local music sector and it should be addressed for it to take advantage of the growing market.

5 Cities Outside 🇵🇭 with the most Monthly Listeners: 1. Singapore - 9.2k 2. Jakarta - 8.2k 3. Dubai - 6.8k 4. Central (HK) - 1.6k 5. Toronto - 1.2k Data as of 09/20/21

Hey, brave sun warrior! 🌞 You exceptionally slew your goals today! Reward yourself with feel-good music that will take you to cloud nine! Dance, dance, dance to the beat! STREAM, the sky's the limit! 🔗

💥 Hello, A'TIN fam! May I request for a minute of your time to help request for our boys? Requesting for 'Bazinga' by and 'Palayo' by on . Thank you so much! 🙏

'Palayo' by is now charting for 108 consecutive hours at no. 1 on iTunes Philippines Top 100 Songs.

Who are the biggest idols? Are SB19 the new BTS? Here's everything you need to know about the burgeoning Filipino music scene.

SB19’s Ken Marks Solo Debut As FELIP With ‘Palayo’