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Jessica William

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Merrick Garland is now the only person between Steve Bannon and a prison cell. Retweet if you want the DOJ to PROSECUTE Bannon!

To all the people that are accusing Alec Baldwin of manslaughter... FU! It was a terrible accident and the man is heart broken.

Sinema and Manchin are red. Not blue or purple. Red.

Attacking Alec Baldwin because he played a character that mocked your idol on SNL is the lowest of lows.

The Jan. 6 select committee is setting its sights on the financing behind events and people associated with Jan. 6, including the pro-Trump "Stop the Steal" rallies, in an effort to determine whether election law violations or financial crimes took place.

Manchin and Sinema coordinately are gutting President's agenda. each are blocking the most crucial aspects of the bill. its not by accident. it's by design.

Bear Mtn park, New York: Building infrastructure works. In the 1930s the federal government under Franklin D. Roosevelt was developing plans to preserve the environment as part of the Depression-era public works programs; the Civil Works Administration and the Works Progress...

Tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy will not boost the economy. The infrastructure bill will. Simples.

Quit holding back why others keep trying to hold you down. That’s working out great for us Democrats ain’t it

President Biden is on the verge of a huge win, as his infrastructure and Build Back Better bills both move closer to passage. If Biden succeeds, the BIGGEST winners will be the American people. 🇺🇸

Please retweet to help Kaiser and Peppa find a home together BONDED PAIR aged 5, walk well on the lead. friendly with other dogs, please contact the shelter directly for details or to apply👇

Let's check these guys out⁉️


There is no reason why a nurse, or a teacher, or a firefighter should be paying more in taxes than a hedge fund manager. That’s just plain wrong.

The UK is so wishy washy on plan B for COVID. Nobody in Gov seems to have a clue.

All Lives Will Matter when "Black Lives Matter"... Until then, you racist or not your problem others who say it, sit your asses down and take two seats!

202 Members of Congress refuse to believe the truth. Let's vote them out in 2022.

Sorry for the bad grammar *Trumps'

What will the TOS on Trump's new social media platform read like? Mein Kampf comes to mind.