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My resignation letter to Governor Desantis.

Rand Paul on Manchin: “He will be welcome in our caucus should he choose to come .. If the socialists keep trying to boot him out of their party, we’re happy to have him in ours.”

Rep. Perlmutter to Jordan and Gaetz: “I’ve never heard such an effort to obfuscate the question .. This Congress is within it’s full rights to demand the truth from Mr. Bannon, to demand that he appear. If he chooses, Mr. Gaetz, to plead the 5th Amend, that’s his prerogative.”

During this entire answer today, I keep waiting for Jim Jordan to go full Col. Jessup, jump up, and start yelling, “You can’t handle the truth! Hell yes I ordered the Code Red, and I’d do it again!”

Jim Jordan is asked AGAIN today specifically when and how many times he spoke to Trump on J6. Again he deflects, wiggles, hems, haws, and refuses to answer the question.

Charles Barkley on Kyrie Irving not being allowed to play without the vaccine: “You don’t get vaccinated just for yourself. You get vaccinated for your family .. for your teammates .. I’m really proud of the Nets for putting their foot down .. And don’t compare anyone to Ali.”

Let me translate this Jason Millier statement for you: “I am so screwed”

Apparently, not everyone has been blocked by Travis Tritt yet.

Isn’t it great that AT&T is mostly funding a network attempting to overthrow our democracy on a daily basis? Tonight’s example.

Does Trump know there is club in Ohio that already has the same name as his new social media platform? “Truth Social.”

Trump tonight announces the launch of his new social media platform, which he is calling, “TRUTH social.”

Liz Cheney today: “Let me address my Republican colleagues ..They don’t want to anger Kevin McCarthy .. who has been especially active in attempting to block the investigation of the events of J6, despite the fact that he called for such a commission the week after the attack.”

WA GOP State Rep. Jim Walsh discovered that his key card has been deactivated, and he has been locked out of the Capitol and office complex for failure to provide proof of vaccination this week.

Steve Bannon is going to attempt to negotiate an arrangement at the 11th hour with the J6 committee to extricate himself from his predicament. However, it has been my experience over the past 3 decades that negotiating with an inmate who wants out makes things go a lot smoother.

I’m now at the point where I feel like anyone who hasn’t been blocked by Travis Tritt can’t be trusted.

With Gaetz and Jordan showing up to try and disrupt the hearing, Rep. Torres throws greatest shade ever at them: “This is not about somebody paying to have sex with a young girl, or somebody not protecting people that are under their jurisdiction. This is about our democracy.”

The Mark Meadows book tour rolls on today. Here, he tells a story about the time he supposedly asked a union pipe fitter in PA what he liked the most about Trump. He claims the man responded, “He’s just like me.”

AZ State Senate Wendy Rogers today is advertising on her webpage for people to contact NY attorney Aaron Siri, who is apparently charging $1,400 to draft “religious exemptions” for people from covid vaccines.

Did you know that, between the different platforms, Ronna McDaniel still does a Hunter Biden post every day? It’s in her contract.

GOP Vegas City Council member Michele Fiore has announced her candidacy for NV Gov. She has been involved in seemingly endless controversies, including election and covid conspiracies, racially insensitive language at public forums, and a calendar posing with various firearms.

4. 2 FL Sch Bd members detail threats made against them on TV. 5. Desantis heads to one of the counties and now assures everyone that State can handle these investigations. 6. Same State Attorney who wouldn’t prosecute Desantis pal Joel Greenberg assures us he has this covered.