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Jessica William

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Yep. The first person who visited the White House and given a Secret meeting inside the Oval Office by Trump.

I’m not holding my breath. My patience meter broke a long time ago. The color of their skin affords them a different kind of “justice” so I’ll just wait to see the slap on the wrist they receive.

If we lose the House majority in 2022, our progressive agenda is finished. We must win. Like and retweet if you agree.

President Biden won by 7 million votes. It was a fair election.

Did you live in the USSR in the 1980s? I did. I stood in line for an hour to buy a banana. I bribed a doorman to cute the line & get into a pizza place. I waited 3 hours to pay $72 for a 6-minute international call. Don't tell me about the glory days of the USSR in the 1980s!

Putin’s bitch is flying by diaper blimp - no problema...

It is about a Russian disinformation campaign on steroids...

Free beer? Call it “Obama Beer” and the former guy’s head will explode...

We don’t need two Bs we need a two State Solution...

Jupiter wills it!

A True American Hero...

Pushy little nit!

“Bailiff, whack his pee-pee.”

That wasn’t so great Donnie Boy...

“We noticed!” The only thing good about Putin’s American Idiot was SNL...