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Jessica William

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I just got notice that is dropping a new in about a week. Don't tell me that goes All Christmas too early!

. is REALLY HOPING this is what this stretch of Chippewa looks like when it is done!

Still working to clear accident on the Thruway eastbound beyond the 400 in left lanes called in shortly after 2am. Traffic Command

When plays a song between 6--10am now thru Friday morning, caller 12 at 644-1025 wins tix for her March 5th, 2022 Buffalo show, and qualifies for a $250 Diva Day at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Williamsville! via

Is it too early for a "must win" game? I don't think so. It's needed for the psyche as much as the scoreboard.

Even though they are up 8- 2 in the 5th, and the field like a little league team, fans are still watching and wondering how they can blow this.

Of course we will be giving you a first listen all morning on !

More tix up for grabs today. Listen at 6:35 and 8:10 to win your way into September 25th! Thanks for the check in on your radio, or on your phone with the app!

Hey little fighters .... we could use some more volunteers for MIA FEST 21 this weekend !!! here's the link if you're up for it !

What are you biggest "back to school" memories from when YOU were a kid? remembers having a cubicle marked by a stamp of a seal balancing a ball on his nose in Kindergarten. He also cried the first day and was sent home early. He still tries that at work today!

In a season of unbelievable low points, the continue to set new lows by blowing a 9 zip lead and now are tied at 9 in the 7th w the . I only wish could say what he is thinking.

I will tell you 2 things you will think about this but likely not admit (but I will) at 6:40ish on .

Shout out to students and teachers on their first day of school today, and for many the first time in school buildings since 2019! Anyone else heading back today?

. was just saying that Gina L was due to throw him an animal curveball...and it looks like she has today, as we spotlight ROOSTERS at 8:10 this morning! Thanks for the listen on your radio, and on your phone with the app!

going old school in Scranton with eight-game (!) showdown series. Opens with Tuesday DH. “It’s kind of cool. ... You'd watch 'Eight Men Out' and they had to win five out of nine.”

Paramore's Hayley Williams has been added to the writing credits for "Good 4 U." Adam Levine and Elvis Costello both are on Olivia's side, as some say she has ripped off other artists. via