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Jessica William

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We could just stop at Federalist society’s Chris Wray refusing to investigate 4,500 tips against Kavanaugh, but I could go on

This is absolutely outrageous and cannot be countenanced or others will try it.

Politico was purchased by far-right German publisher Axel Springer. That explains why now: POLITICO SUCKS Pass it on. They can no longer be trusted

Every American has the right to peacefully protest,But That’s not what will be going on in DC Tomorrow .The same people who tried unsuccessfully to violently over throw our democracy are at it again. And they still don’t understand that fascism will never work here.

Navalny app vanishes from Apple, Google stores as Russian voting begins

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” -Khalil Gibran

Utterly shameful 😡 The €18bn that fossil fuel firms are seeking from governments is almost 1/4 of the entire sum of funding provided by developed nations to developing ones to combat climate change. via

Thomas is speaking out against something he is actively doing.

Because EVERYTHING Republicans say is projection, consider this statement by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to be a declaration of civil war.

Violent men are not entitled to women's silence.

There is nothing positive or humane that republicans do for people in America absolutely nothing but they sure do for Russia.

Indigenous leaders are largely being excluded from participation in the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference as the world grapples with escalating problems from floods, fires, heat, drought and other disasters.

We were all humans, until sadly, religion separated us, politics divided us, wealth classified us and race disconnected us. But we can & must do better for us to find our way back to each other. It’s within our power. Let’s just do it. Good morning! Happy Friday!

I don't say this casually or cavalierly . . . it's time for new leadership at the FBI. Because (h/t to editor )

This is a must see documentary. The US govt persecuted because she gave us proof of a Russian attack on our 2016 election. See for the documentary.

When I was 16 years old I was raped after a high school football game. The first person I told gave me some advice I’ve never forgotten,”He’s a popular football player. You were drinking. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU.”

When she was a young girl, Toni Morrison’s father taught her an important lesson about work.

Is that what he told his seditionist wife?