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Respectfully disagree. Actual baller moves would be: - eliminating the filibuster - rent and student loan forgiveness - UHC I mean there's a lot more but that would be a good start

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer reminds Republican Senator Mitch McConnell who’s in charge. Now, if we can bring this same energy to the filibuster, we might get something done.

Extremely important to read this piece. has revealed himself fully. It is a very big deal. how do you tolerate this as a Board Member? What is wrong with you.

RIGHT-WING MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN FAILS The sabotage of President Joe Biden's vaccine rollout by sacrificing their own supporters, was always doomed to fail.

US blocks imports from tuna fishing ship accused of enslaving crew

She thinks this a joke or a game of “own the Libs.”

A group of white men attacked Vauhxx Booker, held him against a tree, and hurled racial slurs at him. Yet somehow, now HE is facing felony battery charges! … HOW does this make sense? They are trying to portray the victim as the villain! This is NOT OK!

So excited to see 's national bus tour kicking off today w/ stops in RI and MA. We couldn't be more honored to partner with you (and so many others) in the fight to win for all working people in the U.S. The time for is now!

I think a lot of people are asking the same question and if they aren’t , they should be! How is this man not in prison?👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻He is an absolute misogynist pig, rapist & pedophile! The proof is out there! Make this make sense!! 🤬🤬

Tom Perez knows Baltimore is missing out on opportunities & they are desperate for economic & infrastructure growth believe the Red Line can be transformational for Baltimore When elected Governor, Tom is committed to making this a reality

"Texans have mastered the safe practices that help to prevent and avoid the spread of COVID-19." Really ??? Covid cases up 650% in Texas, in the last month. That is NOT a typo.

Flutist gets booted from Baltimore Symphony after promoting conspiracy theories about COVID-19

of health: factors that affect us every single day but aren't traditionally thought of as health care. WATCH: speak about how they affect EVERY single one of us.

READ: Young Online Gamers Are Being Recruited By Alt-Right & Supremacists They're being bombarded w/ racist, sexist & homophobic memes packaged as innoxious, “edgy” humor indoctrinating them into the world of alt-right extremism & white supremacy. 24

Wildfires are raging across the world and they’re poisoning all of our lungs, including here in Wisconsin. Only a strong can rein in the pollution and save this planet.

Who else thinks that Trump raising $102,000,000 since leaving office to support Trump-like candidates but spending $101,900,000 on himself is fraud?

happy birthday to one of the best roll models of my lifetime. We appreciate all you did for America. Have an amazing day.