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Jessica William

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One think the NHS is fantastic at - wasting our money

Our energy policy is based on unreliable renewable sources and Russia, hardly surprising it’s turning into an utter shambles!

A letter in the press today hit the spot with me: I think it is time for a new slogan "Reform the NHS, save lives".

The NHS will undoubtedly have a Winter crisis, fortunately they’ve prepared for it by haemorrhaging cash on pointless, management salaries. Lucky us, worth every clap.

Plastered on a wall in Aberdeen today and oh so true.

Lonely Lounge fans I’m on air tonight at 9pm 😈 Love R o s 💋 x

What a superb Finals Day this has been. So Mr Graves what do you think? Alienating virtually the whole cricket community for a reckless gamble worth it?

I wouldn't trust SAGE to predict how long it would take to boil a kettle. They'd fail to factor in the water, the electricity... and the kettle.

The Coronavirus Act was rushed through Parliament without proper scrutiny. The Government must not implement any new regulations without a vote, especially an unnecessary and illiberal policy like vaccine certification.

After a two week break we return to action this weekend as we welcome to the Stadium! Adults £6, Concessions £4, Under 18's £2, Under 5's FREE 🦢

🙏🏻 Thank you to all those across the country who supported our campaign on this issue ❌ Domestic vaccine passports shouldn’t even be kept in reserve 👉 With Labour still AWOL, the Covid Recovery Group will keep asking the right questions of Govt, at the right time

We’ve been well and truly hood winked no more money for social care it’s all going into the NHS money black hole! Disgraceful

Well Boris you silly ridiculous man, I shall not be following a firebreak lockdown, you have no idea what you are doing, you do not deserve to lead & I can not longer do as a fool tells me to do. So, I know you are slow, so to avoid any confusion ITS A FIRM HARD NO!

No!! You fools mismanaged our money, instead of paying people to stay home & not work, you should have let people live & spent the money on protecting the vulnerable & the failing NHS!

Surely today they should have announced an enquiry into wasted money by our mediocre NHS savings on waste would more than cover Social Care funding

Boris Johnson is an absolute disgrace for talking about operations people "chose" not to have during the pandemic. You shut the NHS down. You said we needed to stay away. People didn't choose to deny themselves care.