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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I could watch this a thousand times!❤ So cute!💙💙💙💙

We need the Senate to pass voting rights legislation immediately.

DeSantis says his hospitals are open for business! I never knew a hospital was a business! It's supposed to be a sanctuary for medical assistance and healing. He's a disgrace!

Let’s get Scott Dworkin to 1 million followers TODAY! If you you should follow Scott () He brings it every day and has been a staunch supporter of other progressives on Twitter. Let’s RT and make this happen!

Happy birthday to President Obama! I’m so proud to have stood next to you on your first Inauguration Day!

We’re paying enough for the behavior of people who refuse to vax without a legitimate reason as is. Shouldn’t have to pay for testing

Let me tell you. People are sick and tired of seeing day after day, the rich getting richer while everyone else struggles just to keep their heads above water. People want action. And that's exactly what we're going to give them with this budget reconciliation legislation.

Can someone please explain why Govs DeSantis and Abbott are signing legislation to keep Floridians and Texans unmasked and prevent vaccine mandates when Florida and Texas account for a third of all new COVID cases?

Can’t believe criminal Seditionist Louis DeJoy remains at the USPS as he continues to destroy it from within for more election sabotage attempts. He should’ve been fired and placed under arrest months ago.

Wishing a very Happy 60th Birthday to President !

Speaker Pelosi posted this image today.

The Garden Gate at Vetheuil, 1881

No we wouldn't & none of the ancient so called demigods would have been able to have claimed divinity. Therefore religions would never have gotten off the ground. If any religion we have today, started today, they would not survive scientific scrutiny for a week,imo

It’s official! I’m running for Congress against Marjorie Taylor Greene. I've spent my entire career defending the United States and I promise to bring honor, integrity and decency to Congress. Check out our launch video and donate here:

Right now, COVID cases are spiking in the United States. I encourage everyone to stay vigilant, and if you’re not already, please get vaccinated.

Happy Birthday ! 🎁🎂🎉