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Jessica William

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America was attacked, and we deserve to know why and how it happened. This moment is bigger than all of us—the future of our country is on the line. And we must be fearless in our pursuit of the truth.

Thank you to the INBA for this honor—& for the incredible work our newscasters do to provide the people of real, accurate reporting. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s so important that we empower local news & push back against conspiracies with truth & transparency.

Cong. Adam Kinzinger is the Illinois News Broadcasters Association's Illinoisan of the Year. The association's past presidents chose Kinzinger from among eight nominees.

This should come as a surprise to no one. The Taliban are certainly ‘professional’ terrorists and ‘businesslike’ in their brutality. White House officials, stop trying to normalize this regime. Our Afghan allies deserve better.

Look forward to getting a full accounting of everything that happened in the Trump White House on, before, and after January 6th. And we’re just getting started.

Diversifying our energy sources is critical to our energy independence & economic prosperity. And ensuring we have clean, affordable, reliable energy--like --is essential. I'm proud to support & will continue to advocate for innovation & policies.

We are pleased to present the 2021 Fueling Growth Award to for his efforts to support the biofuels industry!

Despite strong bipartisan support to stand by our friend and ally Israel, chose to play politics. 

I voted against this hyper-partisanship tonight, and urge my colleagues to negotiate a compromise in good-faith before the deadline.

Last year, provided 100 million meals to our neighbors in need. I’m proud to have their service here in & to help raise awareness about food insecurity during this . Learn how you can help be part of the solution here:

Great meeting w/ Garcoa Labs to discuss supply chains. Back in May, I introduced a bipartisan bill to strengthen domestic ; currently working it through the legislative process in the House.

The Air Force has a 74-year success record in airpower, and all —past and present—play an important role in generating military airpower for the nation. We will continue to build on this foundation as we accelerate change to meet the warfighting needs of tomorrow.

The freedoms we enjoy today are but one generation away from extinction. It’s on EACH of us to uphold & defend our founding document, and teach our children about ‘the greatest vision of human freedom in history.’ 🇺🇸

After series of weapons incidents & security scares on Capitol Hill, tells me he's concerned we're seeing a "new normal" .... post Jan 6 ====>

September is National Month. This year's theme, Connect to Protect: Support is Within Reach, highlights the importance of connecting with each other. Reach out to the resources available.

This is unacceptable. We cannot turn our backs on our allies. I look forward to asking about this today & finding out what the Biden administration is actually doing to help our SIVs. hearing starts soon, so be sure to tune in.

As we mark 20 years since the attacks, let’s take the time to remember—the fear, the loss, the heroes, the devastation, the anger, the unity. Remember it all, and share it with others. We are stronger when we stand together. 🇺🇸

Opinion | 6 former secretaries of defense: “We must memorialize the fallen in the global war on terrorism”

We were grateful to have stop by our site in Rockford, Illinois where the team briefed him on production of motor controllers used in a wide variety of aircraft applications.

. to on the end of the Afghanistan war: "On the micro-level, we've changed a lot of lives... but on a geopolitical level, it's hard to look at this as anything but a strategic failure."

The events of changed the trajectory of my life completely and steered me to serve my country. Ahead of the 20th anniversary of that fateful day, I sat down with to talk about the impact and where we are now as a nation.