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NEW VIDEO 📽️: After helping instigate the January 6th insurrection, Madison Cawthorn is doubling down on the 2020 election lie and is threatening civil war if Democrats keep winning elections. RT if you think must be removed from Congress.

NBA star Damian Lillard perfectly explains why to get vaccinated. 🙌 spread his message far and wide.

LIVE with Rep. Debbie Dingell! GQP in disarray, Trump admits to a FELONY, Rep. Dingell on Democratic priorities and her fight with Marjorie Taylor Greene and MORE!

Really American Senior Advisor ⁦⁩ appeared on ⁦⁩ to talk about the Texas abortion ban. RT if you agree with Oren that this is about government control over a women’s body, and her right to be free.

GREAT NEWS: California will now allow everyone to vote by mail easily, mailing every voter ballots. RT if you think every state should follow their lead!

Senate Republicans want to see the country fail so long as they can blame the Democrats for its they have no interest in the well being of this country.

Arizona continues to spend money just to declare that Biden is still President.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley both belong under indictment, not in the United States Senate.

Fueled by $22 million in anonymous donations, the Judicial Crisis Network pledged to spend up to $10 million backing Kavanaugh’s confirmation. “There is an understandable concern about the influence of dark money on the federal judiciary,” says Jon Cooper.

Can we help get trending with 500 fast replies using the hashtag? 🙏💪

REMINDER: The debt limit concerns spending that has already happened that needs to be paid for, not future spending. The GQP is claiming the opposite is true. Don't let them gaslight you.

The people trying to save lives, and our planet, will be voting for a $3.5T infrastructure bill, and the people who don't care will vote against it. Pay attention, so that you know who you're voting against in 2022.

Wait. Someone who worked for ’s TPUSA (which often targets high school students for “right wing” indoctrination) has been arrested in connection w/ an 18 person child pornography ring???? Has TPUSA given a statement???

Name one law regulating a man’s body. We’ll wait....

Is now a good time to remind folks that in 1861, 14 members of Congress were expelled for supporting the Confederacy?

FRIENDS: We have a ton planned to expand our majorities in 2022. Please do us a favor🙏💪: RT this & follow the Really American team so you don’t miss anything:

Democrats need more people like Katie Porter and less people like Joe Manchin.

EXCLUSIVE: after failed "audit," AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward tells us not only that she wants a "full canvass" of Maricopa County and the entire state of Arizona, but at least 4 other states that Biden won

Who else thinks Democrats should call Trump to testify under oath about January 6th?

Proud Boy Paul Gosar belongs under indictment, not in Congress. Pass it on.

All of these election audits, like the one orchestrated by the Arizona GOP, are slowly eroding the faith Americans have in our elections and our democracy. That IS the point.