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ASEAN, LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF MYANMAR🙏🇲🇲 Please Coordinate with Us. Innocent Civilians are Dying Everyday becoz of the Military Terrorists. WE NEED ARMS EMBARGO AGAINST SAC.

Young people protested at the New Ocean Shopping Center near the Chinese Consulate in Mandalay on September 14 to dismantle the terrorist MAH’s Army.

By banging pots & pans to oust the evil Military Dictator, pro-democracy residents in northern part of Tsp staged a Night Protest.

A group of youths from rural area of Tsp marched to officially recognize government at the General assembly & protested against the dictator.

’s military is responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and continues to kill and arrest its own people for resisting the coup. No country should recognise, legitimize or support Myanmar’s military junta. via

About 1,400 villagers from 11 villages in Tsp have been forced to flee from their homes , due to recent airstrikes of military council and there need an urgent food.

Despite junta terrorists' strict security measures, night protest at Pyigyidagun tsp, Mandalay took place.

Anti-junta strike was led by a Buddhist monk in Tsp. They demonstrated & demanded that the UN General Assembly recognise .

Students, youths, & women took to the streets in Tsp to protest the dictatorship & to call on the UN to accept & reject SAC.

Burmese activists in Ulsan, South Korea, staged a protest against the dictator in order for the UN to officially recognise .

Junta terrorists have been firing heavy artillery, including machine guns, on Loikaw, Kayah (Karenni) State.

WATCH: Burmese students and youths in Canada protest in front of City Hall in Toronta, , on September 12 to demand recognition of the government and Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun.

Deny 's murderous military junta the legitimacy they crave. is proud to join 350+ other NGOs in calling on UN member states to recognize Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun . Press release:

New York Rally Supports Myanmar UN Ambassador Myanmar people in New York rally on Sunday to support U Kyaw Moe Tun, the Myanmar Ambassador to the UN, ahead of the General Assembly and the Credential Committee meeting on Tuesday. (Photo: Kyaw Soe Latt)

United Nations , please don’t silence the voice of Myanmar people. Recognize U Kyaw Moe Tun as our representative.

SAC military and police being totally unhinged for 74 seconds straight How could they even claim they are ‘government’ with a straight face?

Salingyi and Yinmarbin villagers continued their protest against the military junta on Saturday for the 185th day in a row, joined by protesters from Monywa. They urged the UN to keep U Kyaw Moe Tun as Myanmar’s Ambassador to the world body. (Photo: CJ)

Myanmar garment worker and union leader from the Federation of Garment Workers Myanmar demands cease orders in Myanmar until the military dictatorship is removed. FGWM and all Myanmar garment worker union federations have called for a boycott of brands sourcing Myanmar.

Youths from SouthDagon Township participated in , urging General Assembly to accept as legitimate government.

GLOBAL MYANMAR SPRING REVOLUTION ✊🏻 A total of 100, including and activists in Israel staged a demonstration yesterday in front of and Burmese embassies in Tel Aviv, Israel, in protest of the diplomatic struggle of GMSR.