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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Mostly work travel, this is my first non-family vacation in years

Not yet man, I'm on a trip, I'm hoping to catch it this weekend

This is for your daughter Skye 👍 Thanks and

I’m hearing some big praise for the Big E vs. Drew McIntyre match. Would it rank up there with Big E’s best singles matches?

You have to wear a hoodie and backwards cap on Mondays Podcast

Fire 🔥🔥.You should watch whole PPV.This is incredible

I hate to keep asking this, but how was the Big E vs. Drew match? I’m trying to prioritize what I should watch first when I’m able to watch the show. Some of my friends aren’t coming in until later, so I should be able to catch a few of the matches when I land.

It’s not so much that fans would have been upset at Finn winning the tournament, but once Xavier got to the finals, he was definitely a sentimental favorite online.

“He did it!” Is trending regarding winning KOTR. I’m glad that WWE went with that as opposed to trying to piss fans off. I hope they follow through, so many possibilities…

I’m definitely connected, I’m tweeting now :)

That’s awesome that won! I had my doubts because he had been publicly campaigning for it. He was my pick. For people who listened to Monday’s pod with , & I, how are we doing on our picks? I think I’m at 100%

United :) The WiFi has been fine, but I can’t stream a second of video. Email, twitter, accessing the site has been fine

That was exactly what I was saying on Monday’s pod. I think Xavier could pull it off great

I tried that, I can get to the WWE tab, but I keep getting WiFi connection issues when I hit “Play”