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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Trump came to New York today. So happy I got to speak to him.

We need to know every single person who is missing!!!!

"Do you know the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean?" "Daddy never had a garbanzo bean on his face."

Brazilian commercial for condoms. Brilliant.

I don’t see a Civil War coming but I do see a Blue Tsunami in 2022.

I haven’t laughed this hard is a long time. Please watch this entire video

Can we do this here? 😌

Hey , The FBI is investigating threats of violence. Do you side with people who threaten violence to get their way at school board meetings?

Mark Meadows will not adhere to the subpoena and appear before the Jan 6th committee because he is Please retweet if you agree!

Sources say the four Trump aides subpoenaed by the Jan 6 committee are going to defy their subpoenas under Trump’s orders. Who thinks DOJ must charge Trump with witness tampering and Obstruction of Justice and the four aides must be arrested if and when they don’t comply? 🤚

Repost because she’s just so adorable 🥰

This is the Gabby Petito Foundation official twitter page. Sorry for the confusion as our page was being authenticated. Thank you all!!

At least 10 times! All on my play list 😎

What is brest?

San Francisco today. 📷: Ted Chin

Bird says, “I’m speaking dog so get up and play with me.”