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Jessica William

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General Buhari campaigned on restructuring. Now, he says those advocating for restructuring have nothing to say? This is deceit. This is obtaining votes by false pretences. This is why the SW and SE are agitating for secession. May Buhari not drive Nigeria to war!

Happy Fathers Day To all Grandfathers, Fathers, intending fathers and Future Fathers.

Chief Adeyemo Igboho(PBUH) says: “no going back on Yoruba nation.” But Buhari says: “no going back on Ruga.” It’s either you’re with Yoruba nation or you’re with Ruga. We’re with Yoruba nation.

Is pure truth, here is the video if you don't believe in the picture you can also believe the video

Dear , Here is your ‘Buhari’ with Aisha during a campaign tour in your Presidential Elections of 2019. Even if you are blind, demented & imbecilic, can you in all honesty, say that this joker here with Aisha is the late certificate forging, semi-literate dictator?

*Carefully watch this short video clip from the parasites as more danger are ahead and let the appropriate Yorùbá quarters reply the parasites as ẹ dey hot....✍🏽 RADARADA*

By their fruit we shall know them. We know our people. have shame for once for christ sake. ODUDUWA REPUBLIC NOW/BIAFRA NOW

England and Scotland will be playing in the UEFA Euro tonight. Scotland and England entered a union in 1707 this union allows each country to keep their identity. It's a union that was birthed with mutual respect not by amalgamation...


A better Nigeria Concerns us all!!! We must not get tired of demanding for good governance that is accountable to the people.

I hope you all never ever forget.

Stephen Ojede (Bobo) has been declared missing for over a month now. He went to Ibadan to deliver clothes and shoes to his customer and since then he has not been found. Pls if u have any information, kindly call 09073511546 09066001116 09079282365

The need for Drones during the is a Must. Let's leave no room for mistakes this time. RETWEET | |Grammy |Buhari |

The present Governor of Lagos State, Sanwoolu made an album out of Abule Addo incident, he brought it to me and I said thank you then I put the album in my archives. - Buhari Seyi Makinde went to Akesan, promised the people and he commissioned the market last week. The album?

Nigerian Police Chasing After protesters in Ojota Lagos with sporadic gunshots. Please Retweet agreesively and follow for more videos and updates Rt Lagos Ibadan Jack President Buhari Abuja Lekki

Twitter refused to delete Nnamdi Kanu’s tweets calling us monkeys in zoo despite our pleas -- FG

You can be in need of help tomorrow ! Download LAWYERPP & activate the Panic Button. Panic alerts & a live audio of your surroundings will go out so we can get help to you!

: Any Protesters We See Will Have Themselves To Blame, Kogi Government Says | Sahara Reporters

NO BABIES AT PROTESTS. NO CHILDREN AT PROTESTS. If there’s a need to run, Babies/children may be killed. If there’s a need to run, Parents may die looking for their kids. Bullets, teargas and stampede will kill babies/kids faster than an adult. Pass this on.