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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

This person @/Sexy_KittyKat13 tried her damnest to take me out for 14 months Pls let her know, I seriously thought about suicide after her last attack, (she knew all about my twin brother and the loaded gun in my home) Instead, I deactivated and called the hot line Fuck her!

Ppl lie; they exaggerate; they use others.... Many of us carry heavy baggage we don't share I absolutely hate those who are always whining; begging; enjoy and exploit victimhood, using this format to profit! Yeah, I hate this bitch! Bite me!!!!

Someone remind this pos that everytime she targets me, it didn't end well for her! A pathological liar; a pathetic human who has never accomplished a fucking thing in her life! Who has to make up fake careers, professions, achievements..... A lower than lowlife skank!

Fuck fuck fuck Yes, fuck, fuck, fuck you. You're absolutely fucking worthless!

Wondering if I curse enough, target enough, get reported enough, will pay attention to me?????

Holy Cow, I thought her bedless, homeless, broke ass was busy moving this weekend.... But, she contacted her VIP friends and now the FBI is involved, AGAIN!!!!! Seriously, who buys all her her loads of bs? Contact me! I have a story to tell!

Can anyone see my sweet boy Sparker? My antisocial pupper, who suffered horrid abuse! Love, love , love him so very much; we're both damaged souls; but, we're both survivors! He is my shadow; my guard dog; my lap dog; still looking for the perfect home for him💝💝💝

Doesn't matter if your follow sticks! As long as twitter shows I follow you, were good! In the mean time, there are ssrious issues that need to be addressed...... .

Well, well, where did she go? Come out, come out from wherever you are; you lowlife scum, I'm not the only one waiting😉

Do you all know I've been officially an organ donor for 40+ yrs? Hope you all are too! You can potentially save 8 lives.... Think about it, pls!!

I was a single parent, an RN, who worked weekends and holidays, shifts others avoided, to make extra money! I'm so fucking grateful, that my 2 sons turned out to be the most incredible human beings I could've ever imagined! My life was worth living! Ask my grandgirls!

Hello, does anyone truly believe anyone (including me) is jealous of this? I never tried to con or swindle anyone! Yeah, resisters, please wake up you all!!

I'm too sexy for my shirt.... too sexy for my gfm..... just too fucking sexy......

I see some of you, but not all. My dms are all fucked up too. Hoping twitter will fix my acct. Want all my friends to know I love and appreciate every single one of you💝💝💝

Don't allow "White Angst" to destroy this once greatest Country!!

Ok, of all my every day worries (democracy, voter surpression, human rights, women's rights, global warming, Covid 19, ......) getting laid sure isn't one of them! Can't express in words how much I hate this grifting pos....

This pos told ppl: I was Maga, Libslayer, a catfish who blackmailed others, lied about me having a criminal record, told ppl I stole her identity and her money while she grifted her followers.... But tweeting I was responsible for someone's suicide, crossed the fucking line....

Can anyone see me? Woke up and still finding myself floating in Twitter No-man-land! Hey , I did everything you asked me to do How about fixing my acct? Btw, how about checking into this "Zombie" who continues to run multiple financial scams..... Thank you

Still holding my breath, waiting for to fix my acct! Want ppl to know I didn't unfollow anyone I deactivated/reactivated Also want everyone to take a look at my pinned tweet! If you like her, please stay away from me! Thank you💝💝💝

No matter what happens to my acct I appreciate all the great resisters I met on this forum! Pls, pls, pls, keep up the good fight!! 💝💝💝

I love my family and all my friends My biological grands are all girls! Pls, pls, pls, keep up the good fight for my girls...... Thank you from the bottom of my heart💝💝💝