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Jessica William

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A big thanks to Scotiabank for their generous donation to Sakura House this morning! Your gift ensures that individuals across will continue to have access to professional and compassionate care in our community.

"I won't Vax or Mask! Respect my freedom!" "Okay... then respect my freedom to keep you out of my store." "No, not like that!" "And my freedom to not employ you if you're not vaccinated" "Wait... no..." Freedom is more than just what you want.

Rapid COVID-19 testing in Ontario should be free and easy to access. Pass it on if you agree.

Bloomberg reporting mixed doses will be recognized as fully vaccinated. Roughly 4-million Canadians have received a mix of COVID shots

I support vaccine mandates for all healthcare workers. Going on the record to say so. There needs to be a hard line on this. If vaccines are not for you, then neither is healthcare.

Just found out my hospitalized father-in-law was exposed to an unvaccinated health care worker last week who just tested positive for COVID-19. An already lonely patient further isolated. Fire every single one of these unvaccinated health care workers straight to the moon.

Raise your hand if you are vaccinated and you still wear a mask! Please help me like people again! 🙏

Back to nursing. A colleague handed in her resignation letter after she asked to switch to part-time position to continue her studies & her manager said no. She quit altogether, & now goes to the same unit as an agency nurse, with more pay & flexibility. Isn't that ridiculous?

Retweet if should use this logo on jerseys for Players Weekend 2022

Tim Hunter in Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand, captured this photo of wave clouds last Wednesday. Thanks, Tim! 🌊☁️📸 But that's not all! EarthSky received 2 photos of wave clouds taken the same day on opposite sides of Earth! See the other photo here:

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do!

Today, the Milton District Response Unit stopped this driver. They were towing this Honda behind a small VW Jetta. The Jetta had a Temp Validation, no valid safety certificate, defective brakes, missing exhaust, cracked windshield, defective lights & much more. Plates seized. ^cm

Reusable straws can help keep plastic out of the ocean via

The Top 5 home run hitters hit as many home runs as SIX teams did this season. 👀

VON Oxford had 191 hikers take part this year, with 33 teams at the 19th annual Hike for Hospice.

George Springer's message to pending FA's Marcus Semien and Robbie Ray: “I want them both back.”

A hat tip to all of those who covered the this season . We fans are lucky to have you and appreciate the incredibly difficult COVID circumstances you had to work through. Print, digital, radio, tv, no matter the medium 👏🏼👏🏼🙏🙏

Dear No public official goes skiing on November 11 because we show respect to the veterans. On this day of reconciliation, you don't skip town and go to the beach because its about showing respect to survivors. This is not a holiday its a day of atonement.

installed a new pedestrian crossover on Parkinson Road in to improve road safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The crossover is located at Ferguson Road and the south entrance of Southside Park.