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Jessica William

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맏형 연준이 형! 생일 축하해요 평소처럼 바쁜 하루겠지만 멤버들이랑 같이 행복한 하루 만듭시다 사랑받는 거 좋아하는 형이니까 오늘만큼은 사랑 듬뿍듬뿍 쏟아줘요 모아들

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Fake Escort...Shameful Assam Police

For the people who believe in using here is a letter for you

If you are following know that his words and actions are a threat on minority. Being unique in terms of identity does not make us any less Indian. He will not break the unity between indigenous Northeastern Indians. Dirty politics vs Mizos.

People shouting will never stop us because

Never forget that it is the Assam police who forcefully entered our land first Burned down houses Destroyed our rice fields Mizoram deserved peace Mizoram deserved unbiased National Media If you trend wih Please checkout

We don't have issue with our Assamese brothers and sisters...we do love them..we want peace Never let your CM brainwash your dignity..he is playing dirty politics for his votebank If you are trend with checkout

Living in peace is a way of life where we respect and love each other...Mizoram always want peace with the neighbouring states But Himanta destroyed us to pleased illegal immigrates Is a know the truth checkout

Trending a man who is causing problem with neighbouring states is not right is a know the truth checkout

People from Assam are safe here in Mizoram they were given food,shelter even money by local officials Meanwhile Assam Govt. Stranded medical facilities for covid patients to be delivered to Mizoram..if you trend with checkout to know the truth

Politicians who invaded their neighbouring states can never be stan is a lie...checkout Mizo will never starve to death

ASSAM CM trying to divide the seven sisters by invading their Land. This is our Land We will not lose our land over greedy politician

Assamese stranded drivers were given food and shelter here in Mizoram..meanwhile Assam Government stranded medical facilities to be delivered to Aizawl

Greedy politicians causing war to neighbouring states..trying to divide the sisters...we will never let this happen

People of Mizoram showing love and care

See what's happening is a lie...checkout

is know the truth checkout