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Get Chris Miller & Charles Flynn to testify why they stalled 4 hours before sending the Nat'l Guard on Jan 6.

Here’s the draft letter Jeffrey Clark wanted acting AG Rosen and Richard Donoghue to sign off on to send to officials in Georgia urging them to halt certification of Joe Biden’s election win. Rosen and Donoghue refused.

Thanks whoever sent me this. Chris Miller was installed November 9 when Trump fired everyone in the Pentagon, he was installed to deny and stonewall the National Guard FOURTEEN times. He needs to explain WHY, I was there and he has blood on his hands

Rep. Cori Bush, who has been protesting and sleeping outside the U.S. Capitol Building at the steps for 5 days in protest of the expiration of the eviction moratorium, and celebrate news that the White House intends to extend the eviction moratorium. Photo by

At this rate, we're all gonna die from Covid, gun violence, or climate change.

Simone Biles isn’t representing USA as a Dem or Rep, she’s there as a Black female athlete, and the hate she’s received from Conservatives tells me all I need to know about them.

The Bro Code says a bro stands by another bro no matter what. TOMMY & TIGGER have every intention of honoring the code...and since they both are just 1 year old, they'll be wing men for a long time! Plus, their adoption fees are HALF OFF! More Wed., 8:10am

They know it’s the only way they can win.

DEMS: Wiener —> resigned Spitzer —> resigned Franken —> resigned Clinton —> impeached Cuomo —> calls to resign within party REPUBLICANS: Trump —> President & deity Kavanaugh —> Top court in America Gaetz —> MAGA hero Gym Jordan —> MAGA hero See the difference?

BREAKING: COVID-19 has officially endorsed Ron DeSantis for president.

RT if you’re vaccinated but still wearing a mask.

Now go after the former Guy who raped a child with Jeffery Epstein

What’s it going to take to finally arrest Trump?

The committee has its own Twitter account worth a follow its

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The tragic suicides of these Capitol police officers need to be looked at in the context if this letter ACTING Sec of Defense wrote Jan 4. They were sent unprotected to slaughter.

Who tore the panic buttons out of Ayanna Pressley’s office before the Capitol attack? We still don’t have the answer.

Liberals see reflections of 1930s Nazi Germany in today’s Republican party and they cry “Republicans didn’t learn anything from history.” Make no mistake, they learned from history, they just chose the other side.