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Habs eliminated two teams in 8 days. Leafs haven't eliminated anybody in 17 years. 🤣🤣🤣

MVP Josh Allen is back.

The placement on this touchdown throw. 📺: on FOX 📱: NFL app

Have they announced the NHL 2022 playoff format yet? I've seen it mentioned in a few places that they will go top 4 in each division and bypass wildcards.

Bottom line is the hard-working, cerebral Habs beat the more talented, heartless Leafs when it mattered. Leafs fans can't say a word until their team wins a playoff round. The end.

This is crazy. 5 game suspension reduced to 2. He appealed and it went back up to 5.

I hope most fans keep their expectations for Drouin reasonable. A successful season would be around his average point totals (45-55) and feeling good/motivated for the entire year.

Leafs are playing like this game will be the final chapter of the All or Nothing series so it has a happy ending.

Pre-season only matters for the fringe players. Don't worry about the regulars.

Habs starting the year at home.

My girl is making sure they finish their supper 🥰

My mom and her neighbor left some food out for a few homeless kittens

So we're going to go from being rivals with Tampa to having joint custody. Interesting.

3 months before Xmas

The funny thing about the Leafs' season is that they could finish with 150 pts and it won't matter if they can't get out of the 1st round. Yet some fans will treat every win as proof they are contenders.

That moment when a longtime mutual who you've wanted to unfollow for a while but didn't have the heart to...unfollows you first:

Its possible that the 4 Habs Cs that are going to start the season will all be 25 or under. Dvorak - 25 Evans - 25 Poehling - 22 Suzuki - 22

Between Mathieu Perreault and Sami Niku, it seems as though Montreal is on a mission to sign all of Winnipeg's best hair/flow

It's early but Poehling playing with Lehkonen and Romanov with Petry is good news.