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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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They seem to have not learned their history or humanity

Can any resisters help me get to 50k? Haha I’m kidding but I’d love to get to know some of you that already follow me. Tell me something about you. Me: I used compete in breakdancing competitions.

This is specifically for YOU.

This is worth a watch

So much death. So much suffering. A pain that will echo across generations. And so much of it preventable. Sometimes I catch myself in a moment of reflection completely unable to fully wrap my head around what continues to transpire.

Quote of the day: “Trump’s waning influence.” Let’s get that trending.

Hi guys Jodi is a wonderful girl and the father of my 7 children, can you please give her a bump so we can get her to 10k? She will live stream a pole dance if we can do this😂😂😂

One of the earliest photos showing a Native American with a wolf - unlike the myths created about wolves by settlers, Indians maintained a close and respectful relationship with wolves.

Friends - They say "Never Forget"! Well we had our largest crowd ever on my one acre Park. Over 1000 people did not forget. What an emotionally draining event that cleansed everyone of their hate & differences. Video's and pictures later.

My Twitter angel is just 138 away from 10k. Please help me make that happen. Follow and retweet please. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

New coffee shop in knows how to advertise precisely to appeal to me

When Big Jim Justice is the voice of reason you know Joe Manchin is the problem.

Let’s all wish our beautiful Anya a happy birthday. ❤️❤️ Love you sexy. 😘

Now they’re calling it the “Just Us? For J6?” Rally.

A thank you to Leia Sands for her beautiful art she gifted Samira and I while I was in NYC. To check out more of Leila’s work visit Leia Sands Art on Instagram

I’m glad you asked, : Dems have to vote like Dems and scrap the filibuster, or else we’re going to be voting under the terms Republicans set for us.

The perfect ad does exist 🤣

Early voting started today in VA. Keep VA Blue!! The stakes are high! “You can’t be pro-life without being pro-vaccine. We cannot afford to put anti-vaxx Glenn Youngkin in charge.” He is bad for VA! Elect as Governor of VA Follow • RT • Donate

Congress needs more veterans! NC11 please send to Congress! It's time to kick Cawthorn to the curb!

Thanks to the Mail for doing what the BBC could not bring itself to do: recognising that it was that exposed Bethell's use of private emails (and Johnson's falsehoods about it).

. is building a wall. It’s not the one he promised.