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Jessica William

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Dreaming of the before times. I was in Costa Rica when Covid hit. This video is from 3/20/20. It’s hard to believe we’re still riding this crazy coviD wave. Wear a mask y’all 😷

I want to make sure that our children grow up on a livable planet. That’s why stopping climate change is so important to me. Retweet if you agree.

Hi, fam, do you want to see more undercover reporting like this? If so, please consider donating to support our work. We're trying to expand our team and every dollar helps us build our capacity to hold more politicians accountable. Many thanks! xo, L

EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Youngkin told us Saturday night that he appreciates Donald Trump’s endorsement, but doesn’t want to campaign with him...

Corrected Headline: Washington state football coach refuses to comply with public health measures, quits million dollar job

I did not realize how many people from March For Our Lives are running in 2022 until today. MFOL started in 2018 demanding adults protect our right not to be shot we’ve voted in record numbers in 2018 and 2020. Now we’re replacing those who refused to do their job. Pretty neat

Val Demings has been campaigning almost exclusively on Facebook, raising a staggering $8.5 million in the most recent fundraising quarter —$2.4 million more than Rubio reported and more than any Senate challenger in the country between July and October. 💥💙🎯

because even he knows how toxic his touch is, and he'd just lose Virginia AGAIN.

The new Michael Wolff book says Steve Bannon was terrified of the information Jeffrey Epstein could release about Trump and called Epstein directly to discuss his fears. What could he have possibly been afraid of becoming public?

📺 NEW VIDEO Donald, why are you so scared to go to Virginia?

I’m getting a new rescue pup today 💜🐶💜 She’s on a transport from Texas and will be in Oregon in five hours!!!

Attention Republicans: there is no 'opposing' perspective of the Holocaust that needs to be taught


Republicans made Susan McDougal serve 18 months in prison for defying a subpoena. If you agree with me that it’s about damn time we give Steve Bannon the same treatment, then raise your hand. ✋🏼

Words we don’t want to hear today from the January 6 committee: “considering,” “may be,” “could be,” “thinking about.”

Steve Bannon is not special. Anyone else defying a subpoena is held in contempt and sent to jail until they comply. Send in the US Marshals now.

Today is another good day to remind everyone that bankrolled who incited an insurrection.

AT&T’s stock hit a 10 year low today. Oops.