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ICYMI:  Chair , , , and issued the following statement regarding DOJ's decision to appeal the confirmation of Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy plan:

For too long, the fossil fuel industry has reaped massive profits while fueling climate change that is devastating American communities, costing taxpayers, and ravaging the natural world. Chairs and want to hold them accountable.

Let’s be very clear: The climate crisis is here and now. 📢 There is no time for climate disinformation.

Today, on , I remind the American people that Congress has the clear constitutional authority to make DC a state. The House has already passed the bill. It’s time for the Senate to act.

NEW: Chair and sent a letter to Dr. Victor J. Dzau, President of the , expressing concern about potential financial conflicts of interest among members of conducting a study on the organ transplant industry.

It’s time to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. My colleagues and I on will be questioning oil company executives on their role in spreading disinformation and blocking climate change legislation.

The fossil fuel industry has made big profits from its role in causing the climate crisis—and misleading the public about its origins. Chairs and won't stand for it.

Fossil fuel companies' industrywide campaign to spread disinformation about their role in fueling the has gone on for too long. Enough is enough. are fighting back.

For years, the fossil fuel industry has attempted to mislead the public & prevent climate action. It’s time for these companies to answer for the harm they have caused. The letters sent today by & I are an important step towards accountability.

Chairs and know that the time for is NOW. They intend to hold the industry accountable for its role in fueling the .

The fossil fuel industry has spread lies and disinformation for decades about its own role in fueling the climate crisis. and I are demanding their internal docs about these efforts and are calling for the heads of these companies to testify before .

The Chairs also requested that the executives testify at a Committee hearing on October 28, 2021.

NEW: Chairs and sent letters to , , , , , & executives, requesting documents on the role the industry played in fueling the and spreading disinformation.

G'mar Chatima Tovah from .

Los latinos han demostrado ser poderosos ante la adversidad e inspiradores dentro del tejido de nuestra nación. Este , honramos su historia como parte de nuestra herencia y futuro compartidos.

Latinos have proven powerful in the face of adversity and inspiring within the fabric of our nation. This , we honor their story as part of our shared heritage and future.

Federal workers deserve to: ✅ Take care of their health ✅ Care for loved ones in times of illness ✅ Have support when a family member is serving in active duty The Paid Leave Act will ensure they can take care of themselves and their loved ones without losing a paycheck.

Congress was right to fight President Trump’s attempts to abolish the Office of Personnel Management. support a strong, independent OPM to meet the needs of the federal workforce.

Let’s be clear: Equal rights for women belong in the constitution. Passing the is long overdue.

"We must ensure the World Trade Center Health Program not only has the necessary resources, but that the program is properly administered so that members receive the high-quality care they need and deserve.”—, , &