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Why Trump's Frivolous Executive Privilege Lawsuit Will Fail AND Why It Will Provide No Cover For Steve Bannon. Becuase via

A commonality shared by Manchin and Trump: Neither wants anything beyond the attention and the money.

I am confidant that we will expand the majority in 2022 by voting BLUE and showing our disgust with the "do nothing but obstruct" GOP. We are angry, mad and ready to vote BLUE. Protect our votes by placing a supermajority in Washington.

Reminder: if AT&T is your wireless carrier you are supporting OANN. 90 percent of OANN’s income comes from a contract with AT&T-owned DIRECTV. In fact, in 2020 OANN testified that its value “would be zero” without the deal with DIRECTV. Drop AT&T

Want to protect a woman’s right to choose? End the damn filibuster. Want to protect/expand the right to organize and PRO Act? End the damn filibuster.

Want to protect the right to vote? End the damn filibuster. Want to stop gerrymandered districts? End the damn filibuster. Want to protect our democracy? End the damn filibuster.

While constituents in his home state struggle, Joe Manchin is bucking against provisions in Biden’s agenda that would help West Virginians with the greatest needs. WATCH:

Yesterday, I visited Lake Mead, which is a crucial source of water for 25 million people, including those living in Nevada, California, and Arizona. Due to the climate crisis, Lake Mead has dropped to its lowest level ever–causing water shortages for some of these communities.

Left Out: Rape, Treason, bribery, insurrection, questionable suicides, and other crimes.

Per the House Select Committee’s report, Trump HAS NOT invoked executive privilege regarding Bannon. Bannon has NO legal defense to his contempt of Congress. He likely sees this as yet another fundraising/grift opportunity: the “We Defy Congressional Subpoenas” foundation.

FUNNY, GMA3 idiots ask corrupt,immoral,feckless cow Elaine Chao opinion on getting workers back to work,maybe Chao can use own&family experience and suggest marrying asshole&giving grant$,getting family into illegal drug transport,praising&giving buffoon BJ for cabinet position

The same is true of Trump, Pence and Kushner. America’s prosecutors should step up and charge these three with negligent homicide/criminally reckless homicide/involuntary manslaughter (depending on the state jurisdiction).

I believe in the norms & traditions of our institutions - norms & traditions that Trump & Bill Barr ignored, violated, mocked even. But we need to ask: how will we feel if our republic’s headstone reads, “At least the Dems abided by norms & traditions.”

Oleg Deripaska has/had financial ties to Kentucky. His company bankrolled an aluminum factory there and just backed out earlier this year, right Mitch?

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