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Jessica William

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If you are angry because you do not agree with me…. Count to ten, take a breather and use your words. I am open minded and looking forward to being able to see things your way…. If it is logical and based in reality. I dig on facts. If I am wrong I will not hesitate to say so.

You know what makes kids not like masks more than anything? THEIR PARENTS! Tell them how it saves people! Make it cool! When my kid broke his arm I painted his cast like Ironman’s hand! You can make the world a villain or you can show your kid they are a super hero! choose wisely

MTG is such an effective member of congress that she got kicked off of all her committees and kicked out of California like 9 times. But yeah rallies of 50 people in a parking lot in Riverside CA when you aren’t even from here is great! sure! 🙄

Doing some genealogy research and found a story of a doctor who was performing an abortion got shot by the girls dad who then killed himself. The dr healed then got sentenced to prison for five years for attempting an abortion. This was in 1880……. And coming to a town near you.

These trees are AMAZING I hope they can be saved.

Stunning, and even more so when you picture each of these flags surrounded by their own field of broken hearts belonging to grieving friends and family.

What is it they always say about not fitting their narrative!?!? This asshole just cut a veteran off because he wasn’t praising a draft dodger. Insane!

“[W]e plainly need some statutory authorization and guidance on the 25th Amendment to lay out step-by-step instructions for the vice president and the Cabinet, [a] legislation that would, among other things, provide for a panel of medical doctors.”

Breaking News!!! Larry Elder was up tweaking on Twitter ALL NIGHT LONG! He lost BIGLY and just couldn’t sleep!

Here is a video with pictures and simple explanation on how vaccines work. Share it with the people who still don’t understand. How mRNA Vaccines Work - Simply Explained via

4 people are orbiting the earth for three days and it cost less than the recall election in California!!

TREASON: we demand accountability for Jan. 6th!! Republicans Until that happens STFU about everything else!

we showed them how democracy works!! Although these recalls are bs!

I didn’t know much about Norm MacDonald other than the brilliant ‘Turd Ferguson’ SNL sketch. I’ve loved watching all the videos of him on the timeline, seems like he’ll be a big loss to the US comedy scene.

Donald Trump is not allowed to accuse ANYONE of treason.

BREAKING NEWS: Army officials announce that ALL active-duty units are must be fully vaccinated by December 15 or they will face suspension or even a full expulsion because “it’s quite literally a matter of life & death for our soldiers.” RT IF YOU AGREE WITH THE ARMY’S MANDATE!

People actually thought they wouldn’t find this in California?!? lol

For everyone reading about Riverside County sheriff ….. chad refers to himself in the third person often. Let’s soon refer to him in past tense. Vote him out!

Everyone who is claiming a election should realize while you were in Long Beach booing the Governor and President calling yourself Patriots. Americans who love democracy were making their voices heard the way We are supposed to by voting. And there is paper to prove it!