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Remember this, Black Lives Matter Bigly! Thank you Georgia.

BuzzFeed News: Jennifer Aniston Opened Up About Being Forced To Cut Ties With “Anti-Vaxxers” In Her Friendship Circle Who “Don't Listen To The Facts” After They Refused The COVID-19 Vaccine. via

The only way we’ll know is if DOJ challenges corrupt pardons in court. I believe the judiciary would strike them down because if they put a judicial stamp of approval on corrupt presidential pardons, the judiciary would relegate itself to a second-class branch of government.

My rain of covid patients today. Only 1 is vaxxed & on high flow O2 texting. The rest, unvaxxed, - intubated, laying on their bellies, on dialysis, sedated & paralyzed. I'm sweating in a plastic PPE like took a shower in scrubs & having new face wounds.

To all of you trying to maintain your sobriety, here is another excellent reason to keep on being sober. CBS News: Alcohol consumption linked to nearly 750,000 cancer cases in 2020, new study says. via

There is an account that is pretending to be me. This is the second time that this has happened to me. I just reported it. The name handle of the fake account is: Please retweet.

Hey Rudy, as I told every defendant who was considering cooperating w/the prosecution: the path you’ve traveled thus far has landed you in this place (broke/abandoned). Why don’t you try a new path? Cooperate against Trump. Be a patriot. It’s not too late. Because

Random acts of kindness - hope you get something from this. Even more amazing acts at the end of the film: maybe they’ll go a little way towards renewing your faith in human nature

I was locked out of my account today for telling a certain person to go punch a tree. Please follow my alt acct I missed you guys so much today! Please RT

Why is Tucker Carlson in Hungary meeting with the Prime Minister?

I'm really getting tired of people tweeting about McCarthy w/o mentioning the AWESOME VETERAN 👊🏾⚓🇺🇸 who's running against him!😡 Oh...and donate if you can. 💰 Thanks.

Threatening the Speaker of the House with violence is a federal crime.

(🔐) BREAKING NEWS: Trump Adviser Roger Stone Was Closely Attended By a Leading Proud Boy Just Before a Proud Boy Arson, a Proud Boy Riot, and the Proud Boys' Capitol Attack This article covers a ton of new ground—I hope you'll subscribe, read, and share.

Four days ago, Lindsey Graham mocked House Democrats for wearing masks. Just seemed like a good time to mention this.

Sadly,💔we don’t always know the depths of someone’s depression until it is too late.😥May I please have even 1 follower copy and re-post? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is listening

Well. Well. Well....Lindsey Graham is positive for covid19. CNN: Lindsey Graham tests positive for Covid-19 and has had 'flu-like symptoms' despite being vaccinated. via

I’m sorry but idk why a particular dozen senators still have jobs. Taking bribes to block bills isn’t ok. Idgaf what the rules say. It’s f’ed up and I will never trust a gd word that comes out of their traitorous mouths.

Joe Manchin made a $10,000 donation to the legal defense of Republican senator Richard Burr, who was being investigated for insider trading during the coronavirus. Donating money to defend criminal acts by politicians on the other side is NOT the bipartisanship we want.

The Florida Hospital Association confirms Florida reported more COVID hospitalizations than at any point during the entire pandemic yesterday: 10,207. The previous record (10,179) was set on July 23, 2020.