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Jessica William

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is the closest to perfect human being I known in years... Always thriving and growing, not letting unfairness change him, instead moving forward with a stronger will and positive attitude!!

OCAK updates Weibo! The party is starting at 21:30 in an hour! OCAK crafts a brand new TVC with Xiao Zhan, and a new breakfast OK pack flavor to be announced soon, fashion designer, Michelin chef live stream, a feast for the senses not to be missed!

All of us at Mango at this point

Join the trending party & practice for Xiao Zhan's bday, let's trend better: 1) Retweet & reply, reply to replies 2) Use variety of replies, don't just copy pasta the catchphrase 3) Click into the hashtag to tweet to ensure no mistakes 4) Engage the top tweets in the hashtag 🦐🦾

The road to this is not easy. Your efforts we've witnessed is only a small part compared to the difficulties you've dealt with in order to deliver impressive works to us. Thanks for working so hard, Xiao Zhan. You deserve all the love & support! ❤️

Tencent Video: story and insights about "Number Five" are also the accumulation and precipitation of these "five years".

JingDong: Little Wing, Dian, who debuted in 0.0383561, wishes his five-year-old brother Zhan Zhan a happy fifth anniversary of his debut!

3rd year im celebrating your debut anniversary with you and xfx from across the seas. Wishing you the best for everything, my darling 🥰

Xiao Zhan has this elegance that is innate and genuine ✨

It's a double celebration today. Congratulations Xiao Zhan Fanclub for reaching the 100k 🎊🎉 More power and followers to come 🌻

Xiao Zhan has a lovely sense of humor. When will we get this kind of content again? 🤣 HAPPY FIVE YEARS WITH XIAO ZHAN

Xiao Zhan who is always humble and respected his audience and xfx, we all are here for you, you deserve all the praise.

To many more years of this warm Xiao Zhan. His charisma extends beyond his character roles and stage performances. This is how truly charming he can be.

You're my brightest star in the night sky ❤️

the most romantic relationship between an artist and his fan 🌻 HAPPY FIVE YEARS WITH XIAO ZHAN

meeting you is like a destiny i thank the universe to letting me know about you since ever there is never a colorless day i encountered when i chose to be a part of your journey 5 years xiao zhan and look how far you have come ♥️

Best Actor, Best Singer and Best Person imo 😊

Looking back there was always ups and downs but with persistence and perseverance one can achieve the fruit of their efforts eventually.

Every year you challenge new things. Happy five years Xiao Zhan may you keep shining.