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Rep. Jim Jordan has spent almost 15 years in Congress and has not passed a single bill.

Hey All. Hope you’ll have a look at my piece tackling the issue of about Kavanaugh that went uninvestigated. Opinion | How could the FBI ignore 4,500 tips about Kavanaugh? via

Donald Trump's close friend & Inaugural Committee Chairman Tom Barrack posts $250,000,000 bail and gets to await trial in his $15,000,000 mansion in Aspen.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but billionaires jetting off to space while the planet burns isn’t a sign of progress. It’s a sign of decline.

Never forget that the top 1 percent of earners account for more than a third of all unpaid federal taxes. Fund the IRS. Pass a wealth tax. Now.

I'm Jennifer Kitchen. I'm an activist, mom, and progressive Democrat running to flip the first rural Virginia seat in a generation. We're not just going to win: we'll create a blueprint for rural districts across the country. Can you follow and RT so we can reach 21k followers?

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Trump loyalist Tom Barrack charged w/being an Unlawful Foreign Agent for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while working as an advisor to Trump. He even inserted language into a Trump speech praising UAE. So Barrack (& by extension Trump) were doing what was best for UAE (not USA).

Fox News is killing its viewers.

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I 2nd that. EXACTLY! 1 in 4 kids, KIDS, in the US struggles with access to proper food and water EVERY DAY while we gave a nearly 2 trillion tax package to 1% of americans, with the idea that they will help society back, and they have done NOTHING. It's always the rich in the way

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Donald Trump inarguably committed multiple federal crimes. DOJ needs to make a move. If they fail to charge Trump, DOJ will be making a mockery of the rule of law AND ignoring the importance of a safe, healthy, stable democracy.

Ok... First of all, why is selling Mypillows when the owner is a blatant insurrectionist who helped fan the flames of the January 6th riot that got people killed? Secondly, why is leaving this racist review up for over 5 months now? ? 🤔

Do what y’all would do, if this were your child. Share this. It’s takes 3 seconds outta your day. Someone knows these two guys.

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