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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Rule 1 Don't piss off women en masse Rule 2 Don't piss off the Intel Com Rule 3 Don't piss off the police force Rule 4 Don't piss off the military Rule 5 Don't piss off the courts Rule 6 Don't piss off the press Rule 7 Don't piss off Congress All equal but when you piss women off

Billy Joel is a hero

FBI releases body camera video of Lakeland fugitive wanted for assaulting police during Capitol Riot | reports

Five years ago today.

When the whole squad shows up hungry. 🦌🎥: Lynnsmithdeerwhisperer

Better ?

Terry McAuliffe’s running mate is . She’s going to be the first woman ever elected Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Can you retweet and ask everyone you know to follow her so we can help build her platform ahead of this critical election?

Has anyone tried telling Joe Manchin that it's hard to burn coal under water?

Slept in my Prince t-shirt. Woke up to purple rain.

Who's ready for the finale of The "Favorite SNL Cast Member Movie" Bracket? But first, a round of applause for the late, great cast members who the regions were named after.

EXPLOSIVE NEW VIDEO! is blocking Joe Biden's agenda. We found so much vile and provable corruption in Manchin's life and his families life that we could not fit it all into one video. So this is just Part 1. **RETWEET THIS EVERYWHERE**

NEW: Senate defense appropriations bill would give the Pentagon $10 billion MORE than requested, $725.8 billion. Oddly, Manchin and Sinema have nothing to say about this.

64% of low-income women in the U.S. could not afford menstrual products as of 2019 — so what can be done to address the period poverty crisis?

! Maria was last seen on October 12, 2021 in Springfield, .

All of these Fox News idiots tweeting support of Allison Williams are vaccinated and work for a company that mandates vaccination. It's all performance and it's so pathetic.

This tweet too mean? It’ll be “a blot” that will “always be a part of my record” just like Powell said about his lying to the U.N. that in turn helped facilitate an illegal war that killed hundreds of thousands of people, including my fellow service members who were also lied to.

I let my team make me miserable, make it stop. Or at least make let the defense make a stop.

My feed is filled with news about Colin Powell’s death from complications of Covid-19, but none of them mention he was immuno-compromised from a battle with cancer. Do better please.

We clearly need a clean-up on aisle 6.