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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Once again, my lunch failed to survive until noon.

STILL not blocked by .

The thing about eating cheese popcorn is you are def going to have to floss after.

Ok. As promised, here is the info for my coat drive. Ages 4 to 12. Only new coats. Amazon has great deals. Nov 1 is the final day. It's been a hard time, but if you can, thank you. My UPS store is always ready each year. This particular one is amazing for every drive. ❤

This is one hell of an ad from a Democrat running for Congress. The question is whether people will watch it and share it.

Brian Williams just called Manchin/Sinema Nichols & May.

Someone just asked today about not getting any response to your Tweets if you're a small account. I just posted about my Mom's birthday. And nothing.

At Save More on Lincoln. So glad the bar survived, and glad our favorite bartender, Joyce, is here! Tagging ..

It occurred to me on the way home that was probably their dinner.

I was just at a convenience store, and saw 2 little kids (the oldest, a girl, was maybe 8 or 9) buying the most godawful collection of junk, including a tub of cotton candy. The little girl paid ($24!) With a Link card.

Anyone else watching American Rust on Showtime? I love Jeff Daniels.

I did not need another beer.

I just reported that sh*t. Nice guy, but. No.

Unmasked Uber driver. Wtf?

My Vizio TV just "updated" and now I can't watch anything. It won't let me click thru the "I accept" parts. Bastard.

Help! Was gifted a bitter melon by a friend (she's Thai, its from her garden). I have no idea what to do with it and a quick web search isn't really helping.

Today's backyard visitor.

Here is the finished product! Steelhead trout in white wine/lemon/caper/garlic sauce, with broccoli. Tagging for her stamp of approval!

I was watching The Other Two on HBO Max and not really getting it. Just figured out I started on Season 2. Dur. Now watching Season 1 and it makes a lot more sense.