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Jessica William

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I miss these guys.

The announce that Case Keenum will start for Cleveland on Thursday night vs Broncos.

Dear Anxiety I Always Wonder What I Was Like Before I Met You🤔🤔

Wow. The Astros have broken this game wide open in the 9th

Altuve 💣

Bellinger 3 run Jack !! 5-5. Wow

The bigger question about the last play of regulation: Why was Russell Wilson not flagged for being on the field?! (The refs didn't notice THAT during their review?)

At this rate, Bergevin doesn’t get his ceremonial departure at seasons end and his coach might be joining him.

Red Sox/ Astros first pitch at 8:07

This team stinks.

The Canadiens look like a team with no direction. No identity. Just going through the motions.

If the Habs screen the opposing goalie on the PP the way they screen Allen, we would see a few more goals.

"Are we getting that soft as a society where we can't have a back & forth now.. somebody can pay for a ticket & say whatever the hell they want which they should be able to but the ONE time I say something back I've disrespected an entire city & organization" ~

Ain’t no way Spilly is better in dime than D Bush (who they traded up to get) and Joe Schobert. Ain’t no fkn way

Josh Allen is 6’5 240 lbs. It was 4th and half a yard. You play to win the game 🤷‍♂️

Wow. The Titans make a stand. That’s ball game. Wheeeeew

The primetime games have not disappointed this season and it’s only Week 6 👀

Taylor Lewan is NOT moving 😖

Julio a freak

Derrick Henry is 250 lbs but runs like he’s 200. That’s frightening.

when your team gets Derrick Henry'd