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Jessica William

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I'm sure I probably don't need to say this, but just in case: STAY FAR AWAY from the pro-trump Big Lie March happening in DC tomorrow, September 18. Please. They are looking for violence. PASS IT ON.

Please retweet. Those who would do our government harm should be behind bars. There is utter brain-washing amongst the right-wing idiots.

Some Republicans are trying to prevent our Afghan allies from starting their new lives in America But the Biden administration is welcoming them & helping Afghans settle in And you can be a part of it!

The DOJ is suing TX over its abortion law that deputizes anyone to sue an entity believed to be aiding & abetting an abortion This administration will protect the constitutional rights of all Americans!

Thanks to President Biden & Congressional Democrats, poverty fell to 9.1%, the lowest rate on record Poverty declined in every demographic! Childhood poverty begets adult poverty, & we can break the cycle

President Biden's will fix our crumbling infrastructure, while also making America a green energy world leader We cannot let fossil-fuel-owned politicians strip the "Better" part out!

To protect the low taxes & lax enforcement enjoyed by their wealthy elite benefactors, the GOP will try to scare you Nothing in will raise your taxes, unless you make more than $400K/year

Some Democrats openly conflicted with the Obama administration & tried to campaign on being "independent" The Democrats lost the House in 2010, & then the Senate in 2014 We either unify behind President Biden, or history will repeat itself

Algunos demócratas entraron abiertamente en conflicto con el gobierno de Obama y trataron de hacer campaña para ser "independientes" Los demócratas perdieron la Casa en 2010, y el Senado en 2014. O nos unificamos detrás del presidente Biden, o la historia se repetirá

Certains démocrates sont en conflit avec l’administration Obama et ont essayé de faire campagne pour être indépendants. Les démocrates ont perdu la Chambre en 2010 & le Sénat en 2014 Soit nous nous unifions derrière le président Biden, soit l’histoire se répète

America is averaging 1,800+ COVID deaths each day President Biden ordered federal employees & contractors to get vaccinated Employers with 100+ must mandate vaccinations or require weekly testing Leadership!

Let’s not Al Franken Gen Milley

Homicidal sociopath is happy about Floridians dying

PA, CONOR LAMB IS running for the Senate 🏛 He's presently representing the House, Dist 17! He served in USMC and now serves as a Major in the Marine Corps Reserves! He is focused on Economy🔅Education🔅Vets🔅And More Follow & RT

General Milley took an oath to defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” He recognized Trump was that enemy, obeyed his oath, and took action.

The voters have spoken! Gov. Gavin Newsom remains Governor in good standing.

Les politiciens contrôlés par l’industrie des combustibles fossiles tentent de dépouiller le mieux de La planète que nous transmettons à nos enfants et petits-enfants sera notre héritage Quel sera cet héritage? NOUS SOMMES À COURT DE TEMPS