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Jessica William

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So my daughter got off work upset. A customer said she didn’t want to be served by her bc she’s Aboriginal. She knows bc she’s a regular. Such hurtful words & she’s 💔 What gives these ppl the fvvking right to say that to a 16 yr old 🤬

Hey Fam sorry still pretty sick. Miss & love y’all. Don’t worry about me I’m blessed to have My Dad here fr Back Home in NFLD to help me through. I’m so truly blessed. They’re going to see the Jays Game! I love how close they are! Kesalul otjiosog & Ntus 💙💙

As many as 40,000 Indigenous children may have died in US run residential boarding schools. Today is Orange Shirt Day in the US & Canada. Honor the victims and survivors of this cultural genocide.

Today is the national Day of Remembrance for Indigenous Boarding Schools. A total of 367 boarding schools operated in 29 American states to assimilate Indigenous children. Let’s honor survivors and remember those who did not return home.

Who else believes that has already had a meeting with her Orange Cult Leader & was fully prepped on what to say? This will be a clown show

Anyone else think if offices were being destroyed & set on fire; Congress would be in an uproar, having investigations? Especially investigating the Governor & members of Congress from that state? This Only proves

It’s the 2nd time that DEM offices have been attacked in . There’s been written warnings & follow through. are you only a Governor for Republicans or for everyone? When will you come out to condemn this frequent DOMESTIC TERRORISM?

Now, scientists have found that this mega-comet, named the Bernardinelli-Bernstein Comet, has a diameter of a whopping 160 km! In comparison, the Hale-Bopp comet, which was dubbed the 'Great Comet' back in 1997, has a 30 km diameter and less than 10 times the mass.

I agree with you. It is all about making money and really is sickening.

Exactly way too much money being made by keeping ppl sick. Great point Ally.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but, does anyone else believe that there are cures out there for serious illnesses? However, why would Big Pharma cure people, when that would mean losing customers & Billion$ on meds that only help keep symptoms under control? Just a thought....

Happy belated bday niece. It’s bittersweet, bc my brother passed earlier this year & she won’t get to know him & how much she meant to him. So happy birthday CiCi from Auntie & from Daddy bc I know he’s with you always. Kesalul Gwi’s I’ll make sure she knows ur love 💙

Used to sing this from when I was pregnant with TeHya but it’s never meant more than this very moment! Especially the last verse. I’m truly blessed every minute I have with her. She’s MY idol 💙 Martina McBride - In My Daughter's Eyes lyrics via

Luv ya back Ally!!

We can't forget our goals and unite. Miss you BFF 💙💓

Need to settle an argument with my daughter. In my bathroom I have a turquoise rug and a white bench. We’re painting tomoro, need an answer quickly. Which is better for a large long beathroom? A Sky Blue B Grey

Fam I miss y’all so much! I’m getting myself better in time for the fight for ‘22! We got this. I haven’t told u in awhile... I LOVE YOU UR WORTHY UR WANTED Remember we need each other to win against injustices, racism & hate! 💙🌺✌🏼🌸💜✊🏼