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Jessica William

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White-on-white crime between 2 biker gangs in Indiana

More cheating by the SEC officials.

SEC officials are trying really hard to cheat for the SEC team.

Can the next journalist who interviews please ask him why he voted against the John Lewis Voting Rights Act?

How bout we tax the billionaires instead of watching them have fun in space?

Florida update Based on yesterday's report from , Florida is now #10 in deaths per capita, having passed South Dakota. (2386 deaths/per capita). Just two months ago, they were #28.

House Dem Caucus chair Hakeem Jeffries slams GOP leadership over Justice for J6 rally: “A celebration of cop killers and domestic terrorists. Not a single House Republican leader has denounced it.”

Gonna be a very boring year of CFB. Alabama is the only elite team. Nobody else can compete this year. They are gonna cruise to another championship.

Economists project that President Biden's Build Back Better Agenda will support 4 million jobs a year, including: - 1.1 million jobs in the care economy - 763,000 climate-related jobs - 556,000 manufacturing jobs - 312,000 construction jobs

This is sick and dangerous. It should be disturbing to all that Republicans can’t engage in political discourse without constantly threatening violence in their campaign ads.

This person needs to learn to stop hating others whom don't look like her.

Today would be a great day for President Biden and Vice President Harris to .

I love how she walks around railing against mask mandates but time and time again complies when no one is paying attention. Typical hypocrite cult leader.

Far too many people think they are epidemiologists and virologists. Listen to the experts at FDA and CDC.

Hey my friends. Going to be on at 930pm Texas time. 1030 eastern. Let’s go!