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Jessica William

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Hallowed Ground Zero. Tonight. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET ALL THAT WE HAVE LOST. 9/1/01. @ Ground Zero World Trade Center

It’s the statutory required process.

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Donald Trump is set to be deposed under oath in the state of New York this Monday. Attorneys Ben and Popok are currently discussing the implications on Legal AF:

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If scotus was in the right hands they could scold them in an opinion but not happening. If we win this thing it will be a narrow 5-4 with Roberts dragging 1 over to the other side—and that one would be gorsuch at best. Alito, Thomas and ACB are firmly planted to overturn.

‼️ Breaking in Texas abortion ban litigation. DOJ tells 5th Circuit appellate court that continuing the ban while appeal pending rewards the state’s egregious constitutional conduct. Next on the pod, we break it all down for you.

‼️ Breaking development in Texas abortion ban litigation.

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