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Jessica William

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Hi, Tweeties! This will probably get lost in your feed, but I’m going to take a break from social media for awhile. Maybe a month…I will try to FB when I get back. Be safe guys! Gonna miss you, but I need this break. 🙏🏽❤️

It's been rough few days . My daughter today told us the boy she has liked along has a girlfriend. My reached out right arm and all you could hear was l v u .Broke my heart for her but broke my heart he can't talk but fking tried to tell her he loves his sister THATS THE TWEET

NEW: Trump charged the Secret Service another $10,200 to rent rooms at Bedminster in May, records show. He’s now charged the service more than $50,000 since leaving office, turning his protectors — and US taxpayers — into a steady source of revenue.

I feel depressed because I’m alone If you see this just say “Hello”

They met, fell in love, and got married. Jimmy was 21, Rosalynn was 18. Today is their 75th anniversary. Enjoy your very special day, Mr. & Mrs. Carter!

Why are Dems fiddling while the country is burning to the ground? Mitch would NOT hesitate ending filibuster. Mitch would not be allowing vaca for august! We need a leader with the balls to LEAD assertively to progress the Dem agenda! Amy or Elizabeth have what it takes! Act!

Something for anyone suffering with depression. You're not alone.

Darn it, why didn’t I think of using this answer in my law school exams? “cases too numerous to mention and any attempt to string cite them here would be insulting to all involved."

Remington, the AR-15 manufacturer, sent Sandy Hook families fighting for justice 18,000 random cartoons & 15,000 pics of people go-karting & dirt-biking, and 2,000 GIFs , are murdered kids a joke to you?!

Where are Ppl getting the idea that if you’ve had Covid you can’t get it again?! Education is so lacking! I spoke to several today who said, “I don’t need vaccinated because I had Covid”. Where is the communication breakdown on this?!

I’m sorry was killed. I guess someone should have better explained to her the hazards of insurrection and terrorism against the United States.

trump is responsible for each person killed and hurt on that day. and each family should be bringing lawsuits against him for inciting insurrection and not calling the National Guard for 5 hours.

Me and dancing at today's NYC Parade honoring frontline and essential workers!

President Joe Biden has made this clear... democracy isn’t guaranteed. Republicans are doing their best to prove it. They’re determined to steal your voting rights. Are you ok with that? I’m not. Help us out🙏if you’re not either.

My whole take on this vaccination rejection is that sticking it to the libs by continually spreading this virus and potentially dying is insane. We don't give right wing extremists enough credit for how far they'll go due to Trump's messaging about the pandemic. Bonkers.

Actual photos of Alan Dershowitz and Rudy Giuliani in law school.

Is anyone else looking forward to the indictment of “Tax Expert” Trump? Check out this new 📺 and RT.