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I will NEVER forgive @senatemajldr and EVERY Senate Republican for failing their constitutional duty to convict Trump when they had him cold! I will never forgive that shameful show trial. Look what their dereliction has wrought! Their legacy is treason.

99% compliance by fire. 93% compliance by police. 99% compliance by city workers. These outliers are making a mistake, perhaps sold a lie. But they are adults with responsibility to protect. They are also paid by taxpayers. They are now “free” not to be paid by us.

Tomorrow I will vote to begin debate on the Freedom to Vote Act. Our democracy is on the line.

In a world that made sense, the loudest opponents of abortion would be the proudest proponents of gay adoption and parenthood. Alas… 👇🏻

To clarify: I've not received a dime for any TV appearance, ever. I've not asked, they've not offered. I go on cable news networks to explain the science + counteract antiscience aggression I do this to save lives I consider it a privilege I'm grateful for the opportunity

I'm in the 14th district and I can't wait for the bloodbath... I'll even vote R if I have to. I don't even care anymore. I just can't take anymore of THIS.

NEW DETAILS after a flurry of Biden-Dem meetings, per sources • Price range: $1.75-1.9T • Free community college cut • Paid leave ⬇️ 12 to ~4 weeks • CEPP slashed, focus to clean energy w/ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦

The attorney for Mary Trump says the dam is breaking for defendant Donald Trump: “President Trump is no longer President Trump even though he keeps pretending that he is, and he’s going to have to testify in these cases.”

is obviously harrasing someone specifically based on the fact they're in a protected group... How about doing something about it ?????

DOJ spokesman on Steve Bannon: “If the House of Representatives certifies a criminal contempt citation, the Department of Justice, as with all criminal referrals, will evaluate the matter based on the facts and the law, consistent with the Principles of Federal Prosecution.”

Proud of the ’s vote to refer Steve Bannon for his blatant contempt of Congress and the American people. He didn’t even work for the executive branch when he got involved with the insurrection so his “executive privilege” rhetoric is a joke. Tell it to the judge.

"There isn’t a different set of rules for Mr. Bannon. He knows this. He knows there are consequences for outright defiance. And he’s chosen the path toward criminal contempt by taking this position.” Watch Chairman 's full statement:

Virginia Democrats have a massive blow-up chicken that looks a lot like Trump at the Youngkin rally tonight.

Regardless of the outcome for Bannon, the important thing at this point is for the Select Committee to put the hammer down and make a statement. No games.

BREAKING: In its first time weighing in on a statewide vaccine mandate, the US Supreme Court declined to block a vaccine requirement imposed on Maine healthcare workers, per . Big win for vaccine mandates and public health.

Can I just point out that Thomas Jefferson was in France during the Constitutional Convention?

I have a hard time reconciling how someone could call themselves a Christ follower and think this is appropriate. Sadly some do

ABC News Public Relations — ‘The View’ Ranks No. 1 in Households and Total...