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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

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So Twitter lied about my last account and now I have to start over. There should be regulation for these big tech/social media platforms. They have entirely too much power.

Two years ago today, the heart of our city was the scene of a mass shooting. Nine innocent people just out to have a good time in the liveliest, most laid back part of Dayton, lost their lives when a monster opened fire in the . We will NEVER forget.

Congrats to Shontel Brown and the voters of who elected her! Let's keep the DEM wins rolling all the way through 2022!!!

On nights like this the online behavior of fringe leftists becomes so deranged as to be indecipherable from the online behavior of Trump loons, and you just thank the lord that the block button exists.

RT if you want Louis DeJoy fired

THANK YOU OHIO-11! And to all of the amazing volunteers, supporters and donors! Let’s get to work!

You're not getting me to jump out a plane. I'll stick with my "1"...

Just found out that in socialist Los Angeles (I am from the REAL America), you have to get a government “Driving Passport” just to use local roads and freeways. You have to give them your name AND mailing address, and let them take a picture for a GOVERNMENT DATABASE. Sick.

When the tortoise loses the race >>>

The 🌹’s have literally been talking for months about how they can’t wait for the KHive meltdowns and that we’re going to be on “suicide watch” when Nina wins, now all of a sudden they talkin bout “I need to deactivate my account cause they’re gloating”. Keep that same energy boo

So many lessons over so many races and their takeaway is “we have social media” 🤯 Less than a quarter of the American adult population is on Twitter but somehow y’all think tweeting your way into a victory is a thing…

The work, not the money! Cause remember, Nina had twice as much of that too!

Pfizer full approval hopefully in **2 weeks*** Dr Fauci tells me

If you're able to see all the BS republicans are pulling and STILL willing to vote for them, you're a Republican. I'm not going to be held hostage by magas, and neither will my party. Take your ball and go on. ✌😊

They really think “winning” on social media means something.

One day they will understand. Today is not that day.

You know America is a melting pot because we can have antisemitic conspiracy theories about someone named Shontel Brown.