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With Price being unable to be here & the loss of key vets like Danault, Perry & even Staal, there's a clear leadership vacuum. If we're Ducharme/MB we'd be calling Shea & asking him to come spend a few weeks w/ the team in MTL. He can't play but he can lead in the room.

Sometimes the sheer weight of their grift is astonishing but it’s important not to forget how Trump’s filled their own pockets in a time of dire needs.

Talk is Kucherov injury stems from groin injury he first suffered gm 1 vs CBJ in 2020 that may have not healed properly. May still take time to know complete damage and best course of action. hopeful he’s out ballpark 10 weeks and not season.

Est-ce le temps de ressortir cet extrait pour le Canadien?😂

Coroner is being called to the nature preserve where Brian Laundrie allegedly hid. Now, a coroner could be going to evaluate the items found, but that would normally be done in a lab. Since the coroner is going to the scene...I suspect there's a body. Hope Brian enjoys Hell.

Top players in 2021 by championship win probability added: Austin Riley +12.2% Eddie Rosario +11.9% Cody Bellinger +11.3% Carlos Correa +10.7% Jose Altuve +10.7% Nick Pivetta +10.5%

Drovak didn't accept shit as he didn't have a trade clause. He has wondered everyday why god hates him.

A few Sox updates: -- Eovaldi good to go for Game 6. -- Why did Pérez pitch last night? They didn't want to extend Eovaldi and liked him against a lefty (Brantley) he retired in Game 1. -- Houck hasn't pitched since Game 1 but is fine. Just not the right opportunity.

“I’ve concluded that democracy itself is more important than any Senate rule,” Sen. King tells about how the filibuster needs to be adjusted.

Red Sox's Alex Cora was mad about the strike three call to J.D. Martinez. He should have been ...

hey Marco Rubio, my favorite Bible story is the one where Jesus has one fish and one loaf and he eats them himself because to feed the multitudes would be socialism. what's yours my dude

1/ The dull inevitability of the Facebook rebranding effort is already boring me. You could rename it Miss Mary Sunshine’s Cute Kitten Memetown and the following things will still be true: Marc Z is a broken, sociopath without the ability to interact with or understand humans.

The Red Sox are losing because they wasted a bunch of early chances, but also because of some bad umpiring, but also because for some reason their worst pitcher came into a high leverage spot. In conclusion, this game is a land of contrasts.

This says it all....

The 87.6 percent accuracy rating for Diaz was the worst of any umpire in any game this postseason, per

Habs have 1 forward who has scored in 4 games, Drouin. Total team goals…3.