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Jessica William

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Do not take our eyes off of the Supreme Court.

Roe gives women the right to have an abortion “without excessive government restrictions.” What happened in Texas functionally over turns Roe. The fact that the Supreme Court refused to intervene is further proof that they have in fact overturned roe.

The Supreme Court is going to overturn roe and in fact by allowing the Texas ban to continue they already have.

One of the underappreciated stars of the Lev Parnas saga is . For years, he worked the courts on behalf of a client Parnas had scammed out of $500k+. It was only through records he obtained that we were able to show Parnas' company was making illegal campaign contribs.

"Sooner or later, all of us 'really stupid' people may finally get an answer to the old riddle about how many separate messes one lawyer without his license can apparently be involved in before they catch up to him," writes

This is disgusting. A woman is dead. it’s beyond ghoulish for an elected official to joke about this.

Real classy stuff from the Ohio Republican trying to win the GOP senate nomination.

Would this qualify as self cancellation?

Absolutely unequivocally completely and utterly the dumbest member of congress hands down

This is absolutely not accidental

"Rudy was probably also really hurt about having his license to practice law suspended in both Washington, D.C. and New York City." -

Jan 6th organizer Ali Alexander, who said last night he is living in "exile," on a Telegram call with supporters, repeatedly went back and forth on whether he will cooperate with the Jan 6th committee - all while eating a roast beef sandwich right next to the microphone.

ICYMI: Last week, I joined on to discuss my campaign and why Dan Bishop is the wrong man to represent . Check it out 👇

Wait, remind me who funds JD? I forget.

She can’t work at Fox because of their vaccine passport system thou I guess she could opt in for the Mandatory Covid testing?

Let's be clear. This story is a reminder. No one is being forced to get vaxxed. This woman is choosing to leave her job.

NYT reports that Matt Gaetz's pal Joel Greenberg has told authorities he saw Gaetz have sex with the 17-year-old at the center of the investigation. He also said this in the letter he wrote to try to get a presidential pardon, which we reported in April: